Brand new Canon EOS 5D Mark III music video posted

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This just in to the planet5D news desk (sounds funny doesn't it?) – we've just been sent a new Canon EOS 5D Mark III music video. It is

Justyna KELLEY IF YOU WANT TO – Album Over the moon

[tentblogger-youtube mp0Yue3xNc4]

Canon EOS 5D Mark III very quick video test with Justyna KELLEY
Canon Lenses EF100-400 4.5-5.6L IS USM + extender X2, EF50mm 1.2, EF16-35mm 2.8L II USM
Shot from A to Z in less than 3 hours in Paris
No Pro make up & hair style.
Mini Lite Panel
No special settings on camera. Portrait picture style basic.
FCP7 edited and a little Apple Color session about 20 min.
Export in H264 or Prores 422.

IF YOU WANT TO (song by Justyna KELLEY & Paul Freeman)
Album Over the moon March 2012.

What Jello?

Ok, this is a screen snap from the 1080 version of the video at about 2:16 when they do a 360 degree whip pan… where's the jello? Note, upon multiple viewings, I think the whip pan was accelerated in post (you can see the motorcyclist move quickly thru the screen) – so I'm not really sure how fast this pan really is.

Justyna KELLEY IF YOU WANT TO - Album Over the moon - where's the Jello?

Justyna KELLEY IF YOU WANT TO - Album Over the moon - where's the Jello? (click to see larger version)

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Ah Leah, here we go again. I’ve seen 60D footage look better than this, sorry, this video quality just doesn’t impress me. I know, I know, same ole song and dance.

    1. why don’t you download the source file and watch it on a quality monitor and then see how the 60D footage stands up to it. Ridiculous that so many people continue to judge an image after internet compression

      1. Well gee Daniel, if most of your work is destined to the Internet, like 90 percent of the people visiting this site, then thats what you and everyone else judges your image quality upon.

  2. this is awful work, why would canon put this pre-production camera in the hands of people that are making it look so bad. Is there anything decent shot on this camera yet? this is really bad advertising- is this even shot on the mk3?

  3. you’re right. 😉 accelerated in post.
    for this quick test the minimum iso used is 800. max 8000.
    Have a nice day. Thanks Planet 5D for sharing. JF

  4. “Shot from A to Z in less than 3 hours in Paris
    No Pro make up & hair style.”

    It shows.

    When did lack of production quality become a good thing?

  5. i wonder why this camera test are alway so shitty. there are so may good filmers out there and they give the cam to a guy who rides through paris filming a very bad music video and doesn´t care about if it is a good test or not. it would be ok if was a good song. oh i´m feeling sick…

  6. 5D, 7D, 5Dmk3…. whatever… in the end is what you do with a camera that matters. people are getting so lazy lately. They see an image on a camera and they keep it at that. What about lights? Man, I can still make a 7D footage looks like 5DmkIII or even an old HVX200 if you light it properly. More ISO? Well, if you light your scene properly you don’t need a 120000000ISO.

  7. I watched this video in Full Screen on my iMac27 and I was really impressed….crisp, clear and really sharp – I own a 60D myself, and this 5D mk III video has inspired me….I have to try the video side of my camera soon.

  8. This video is the equivalent of taking a new car for a test drive. Comments about the production values and lack of polish are just foolish. This is pretty decent for something done in just three hours. Give the guy a break already!!
    And I applaud Canon for allowing this to be put out warts and all. To me it shows great potential for the 5D III. If you are underwhelmed by this then chances are you will be underwhelmed by everything else on the web, Canon, Nikon, Red or whatever. It’s easy to find faults in anything when you scrutinize closely. There’s no such thing as a perfect diamond. And the perfect camera even more so.

  9. We’ve shot on the streets of NYC with the 7d, 60d, and the 5d Mark II and in this situation usable footage from the 7d and 60d would be almost impossible. In our many hours of side by side shooting the 5d II is always much more robust than the crop sensor cameras, so the new one won’t be worse. I do look forward to a full non-compressed video in good light to understand exactly how much more detail the 5D Mark III captures than the 5d Mark II. That is the most important upgrade for me. With careful shooting I always work around the other issues. Thanks this video, daylight 1080p please 🙂

  10. Dont be jealous simply cos you cant afford 5D3 yet.
    There are some of us who do not have so much professional lighting, time and resources do make quality production, but can still show off with this amazing new quality, which is the only thing we can afford. This almost look like 1D in low light, great quality!
    only idiot would say this is same as 60D. there is almost no noise or artefacts in here.
    This shots give me almost the same tingle as ‘Reverie’ did when camera first came out. Real shame Vincent or Bloom are not on the case to get us hooked again.
    This is the think about 5D of any number, when you making films for passion and have time and resources to make this beautiful shots you enjoy it, but when you start do to many paid jobs, you just hate the camera and everything to do with it, all its flaws, thanks god 5d3 has all the things missing on 5d2… or should I say almost all the things:))

  11. “This shots give me almost the same tingle as ‘Reverie’ did when camera first came out.”


  12. In general I agree that there is little production value here, but I have to give kudos for just shooting. So many of us feel like we have to have every bit of gear ready to go for our productions that we lose some of the spontaneity of just shooting.

    With that said, I wasn’t particularly impressed with the setups or shot selections. The car mounted sequences did nothing to tell the story of the music…I think it just became a showcase for the camera’s low light capability…great, but so what?

    If you’re going to “just shoot” at least give some thought to not only “what” you’re shooting, but also “why” am I shooting this?

  13. Wow. There sure are a lot of haters here. For 3 hours of shooting, they did a fine job. If nothing else, it shows how well the camera performs in low-light situations.

    As for the content… I could count the number of music videos that have any substantive message (except of course, for promoting the artist) on two hands. Or as Joy Behar would say, “so what, who cares?”

    Ça marche tres bien – bravo!

    1. Well…I’m not hating, just giving my personal reaction to the footage. I know this was a test of the camera’s capabilities more than anything.

      And honestly, I don’t rely on Joy Behar for substantive critical commentary…on anything…LOL.

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  15. The comments about production value are pointless. Anybody who’s interested in this camera would want to see non color graded, non digitally stabilized, high iso, unlit or dimly lit images. We want to see things that are challenging to DSLRs, like whip pans and moire/aliasing issues. It’s about what this camera can do not what some DP, gaffer, and post house can do.

    If the images in the video indicate a starting point the camera is very impressive. There’s a lot of latitude to work with from the beginning.

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