Up next on planet5D Live – CamCaddie – Monday Feb 27th

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Next on planet5D Live – Monday Feb 27th Daniel McElderry from CamCaddie Please join us for this live conversation where you get to ask the questions.

planet5D live with CamCaddie's Daniel McElderry

Monday Feb 27th – 2pm ET, 1 CT, 11amPT – 7pm GMT

please join us for this live conversation where you get to ask the questions!

To convert GMT for your time zone, use this GMT conversion site

February Giveaway from CamCaddie with exciting new ways to win

The Second Giveaway

We're going to have Daniel McElderry on our planet5D Live show on Feb 27th where we'll be giving away a second set of prizes! You'll have to tune in live to be eligible for these. We'll have more on that show later.

Give Away Two.

winner #1 (1) Scorpion EX Pro Kit & (1) 4” Flashner Kit
winner #2 (1) Tabie Teleprompter mount for the iPad & (1) 8” Flashner Kit

New Podcast Page

In the past, we've been sending you off to another location to see the podcasts – how silly of us! Now, we've made a section of the planet5D site with all of the previous planet5D podcast archives – and now you can give us feedback by rating them as well.

You can find it in the menu at the top of most of the planet5D pages (called PODCAST) or simply visit this link

New Live page

We've also added a new planet5D live page. We're still going to be using UStream, however, with the problems we had with their chat, we've switched to a new IRC based chat that will give us more control and fewer problems. It is integrated into the live page – so you can see the live broadcast and the chat all in one spot. Please don't go to the UStream page to watch a broadcast – we won't be monitoring that chat room!

As a benefit, we've also created a new page for the HDSLR chat room which is open 24 hours a day for conversations around the world. You can join that at any time – people pop in and out around the clock.

This new chat room is also available via IRC clients (if you're familiar with those)… instructions for setting up your IRC client are on the bottom of the HDSLR chat page.

I really do enjoy sitting down with folks and learning about them and what they're doing. I hope you enjoy the conversation too – and since you can ask questions in the chat room, I hope you feel a part of the whole event! Please stop in and meet everyone!

(Photo credit: snap from the Canon EOS 7D book)

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