“Silky water” tests w/ CHV “Time collection” plugins

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Ric Kasnoff sent us his latest input on the CHV Time Collection FCP plugins with a sample… what do you think?

“Silky water” tests

[tentblogger-vimeo 35890282]


While shooting more footage for the upcoming short "Winter" down at Rainier this weekend I took some time to do more "silky" water testing…

Here's a quick look at how far this technique has come since I started playing with different combinations of shooting techniques and software post solutions.

Obviously the advantages of shooting in RAW v movie mode basically jpeg have driven me to keep timelapse as the basis for this and find a combination of exposure, interval, initial processing into a "movie" and further post with a combination of software add-ons and plug-ins.

This latest round of post processing tests centered around a new set of plug-ins called "CHV time-collection V4"…chv-plugins.com/cms/Fx-Script/Time-collection/Time-collection.php?navanchor=1010027

This is an interesting set of plug-ins that I initially wanted to test for its frame blending ability in the "Long Exposure" mode…I was thinking of using it as another tool in the "flicker fight" and yes it does do well at that more on those tests coming but after playing with it I realized that that user adjustable frame blending ability might also help with the frame to frame jumpiness of the water when processing TL shots.

Here's a simple comparison of straight TL and TL processed through FCP 7 and a combination of time re-mapping, motion blur and the "Long Exposure" plug-in.Well worth checking out the CHV collections for this and many other cool/fun/productive post processing plug-ins.Have fun…Ricshots made with Nikon D7000, smallHD Dp6, on Cinevate Atlas FLT parked.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. From long time ago there is a premiere pro built in effect coming called “Ghosting” working perfectly for this kinda steady shots.

  2. I could be wrong, but this looks exactly like what I can accomplish in Motion with some flame blending…

  3. I’m assuming you mean “Frame” blending?…I’ll look again but my results w/ Motion weren’t this clean the last time I tried…

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