ExtremeStorms – editing Canon EOS 5D Mark II video on an iPad

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Thanks to a
tweet from Phrommayon this morning, I found this article which I just had to share about editing Canon EOS 5D Mark II video on an iPad 2 – written by Jim Edds from ExtremeStorms.com!

Snip from Jim's article

This demo will show you how to import footage directly from the Canon 5D2 into the Ipad, edit the footage, and export out to your own  FTP site uncompressed or various common sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. 

All this is possible with the iOS 5 and IMovie update that came out October 12, 2011 that expanded support for video imported from external DSLR cameras. 

Update:  Also, you can transfer video directly from your IPhone 4 to the IPad by connecting the Iphone charge cable to the Iphone – the USB end into the camera kit USB adapter – then plug that into your IPad.  Follow the below procedure to transfer the file.

Here's what you need: 

Ipad2 – with iOS 5 or later

Canon 5D2 with USB cable

IMovie 1.2.2 downloaded from the App store – $15

Apple Camera Connection Kit for Ipad – $30 (SD & USB adapters)

That's it – not much at all.  For what I do it's better than carrying around a laptop plus you have connectivity via WiFi and Cellular if you need to feed the footage out quickly – the latter being most anywhere in the world these days.

To get started connect your Canon 5D2 to the Ipad using the USB cable and the Apple USB adapter. It's only USB (20MB/sec) but heck, maybe the Ipad3 will have a thunderbolt port and Canon will support it down the road – wouldn't that be great.  But for right now USB2 is better than nothing – you just have to wait a little longer to transfer the video/still pics.

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Jump to Jim's article for more photos and instruction!

(cover photo credit: snap from Jim's article)


  1. awesome. will this work as a monitor feed from 5d mar ii to ipad 1?? I dont have an external viewing monitor yet and this would be awesome

  2. Fabulous! Worked lie a charm. I’ve been trying to make this happen for months using other software and techniques. This was cheap, easy, and accurate. Perfect!

  3. Melissa. Using the iPad’s screen as an external monitor would be would be a lifesaver if it was possible. Unfortunately, the ipad does not support any type of video input. The 5Dii uses an HDMI for output and the ipad doesn’t support connectivity that way.
    Same thing for Droid Phones. They support HDMI output but don’t support it for input. Bummer.

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