The Canon EOS 5D Mark III at the beach sunning

Canon EOS 5D Mark III images leaked!

by planetmitch22 Comments has gotten their hands on 3 images of what appears to be the Canon EOS 5D Mark III that is rumored to be announced this Friday.

No details on where the images came from (other than they were posted in the CR forum) and they indeed don't appear to be photoshopped. is also reporting the announcement of the 5D3 will be this Friday – if true, keep your eyes on planet5D for all the details!

The 5D3 images

The label sure looks right

The label sure looks right

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III at the beach sunning

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III at the beach sunning

The Canon EOS-1D X gets love too

(cover photo credit: snap from


  1. I dont believe 5d m 3 will look like that:) m3 does not exist:) its a hunted fiction of obsessed film makers who wish that 5d would be replace by an all auto focus, anti moire, 5” lcd and loads of other video functions:) we are like sucers falling for these images, like kids fall for santa clause…. besides on the picture with sea line in the back with white lens on, one can see how one of the I is a bit different length, on the other picture, III is blurred out, and the one under the angle one just copied the I line and ad it, its not to hard to do in photoshop… But I am so excited for Santa clause to land from the sky and bring me one of these!:)

  2. The only thing leaking are my eyes, 🙁 cause people are selling there MKII’s dirt cheap, and this is not much of a MKII replacement for the money.

  3. Interesting that the “M” is slightly higher than the “a” in the first shot and yet it’s dead-on in the second shot. Hmmmm. (i.e. Photoshopped).

  4. It seems that 5D Mark III, 3D, 70D may be announced (3D maybe later in year). Do not expect 7D Mark II.

  5. Fake! Notice how the EOS on the 1st photo doesn’t match the EOS on the second photo in thickness and height, and the EOS on the second photo is subtly crooked, not exactly parallel to the top of the badge.

    1. Hmm, that detail photo of the headphone jack is much higher quality than the images I was inspecting – maybe I’m wrong!

  6. Let’s say it is announced Friday. What US store or online dealer would get stock first, and how long do you guess it will take from announcement to ship date? Btw, less megapixels, better sensor, less noise at higher ISOs and many more focus points would make me happy. Wish the battery grip would finally be integrated though.

  7. It’s all nonsense

    It will be fine as a still camera, but will be behind the GH2 in vid terms

  8. also megapixels are to high for vid. High megapixels required for still work and general design for still, as it should be, it’s a still camera

    Then there is the audio factor

    Those of you expecting this to be a camcorder like device will be disappointed

  9. Seriously, These should not be being circulated. This is dumb. I do want a full fram camera though.

  10. I think a big bonus for the 5D mark III is the AF points… along a few other specs… I would definitely like to buy this camera to replace my 7D!!

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