The first Canon EOS C300 demo in the USA @ Rule Boston

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Last night, the folks over at Rule Boston Camera hosted the first Canon EOS C300 preview in the USA that I'm aware of and Larry Thorpe (Senior Director, Professional Engineering and Solutions, Imaging Technologies and Communications Group, Canon U.S.A.) was there to talk and answer questions. Paul Antico was there and was going to do a writeup for us, but he's seen this post by Michael Murie (@notesOnVideo) and said that it summarized the evening very well… so we're going to give you that post and a few TidBITS that Paul shared with us after the jump.

Update: ok people tell me this wasn't the first, and now that I think about it, I do remember Canon doing invitational meetings, but this was the first non-Canon event I'm aware of.

NotesOnVideo notes

Rule Boston Camera has been running their Pub Nights – a slightly less formal, evening lecture series – for about a year now, but I’m pretty sure that last night’s “Canon EOS C300 New England Debut” had the largest attendance of any of them. A large crowd turned out to eat the free pizza and drink the beer, and hear Larry Thorpe explain what’s so different about the C300. Larry brought with him four cameras, including one with a PL mount, and they were set up in different configurations and rigs for those present to handle.

But they couldn’t tell us one thing; the price. They won’t tell us that until January 17th. Until then, all they will say is “the list price is $20,000.”

Introduced by John Rule as “an engineers’ engineer,” Larry began by asking how many creative people were present – at least two thirds of the crowd put up their hands – and then, how many techie people were present. When only two or three people put up their hands, he continued, “Oh great, no PowerPoint tonight!”

While they are clearly proud of the camera, Larry said he was going to explain what the C300 is, and what it is not. “It’s the first in a road map” Larry said, adding “it is a true-blue 4K sensor, but we elected not to make a 4K camera.” They feel that the action at the moment is in high definition for television etc. Even for most movie making, he pointed out, much of the current digital work is being acquired in an HD format. But this camera isn’t their final statement; “Where the market goes, we will be there.” He also added that the new lenses they have developed are 4K lenses.

That is just a small selection of the entire article – please read it! Notes On Video: The Canon C300 comes to Boston.

Paul Antico's notes

I've had a conversation going with Paul on twitter and here are some of his additional comments about the event:

Thorpe told me directly that the processor can't do 1080/60p period. The HDSDI and HDMI come out of that processor, but before compression

So no 60p out of cam on any port. I want to add he is waiting for Japan to explain why no waveform in EVF. It's monitor only now.

I asked Paul if that ‘no 1080/60fps' was because of the processor being based on the old XF305 as mentioned by Larry

Yes. Larry said new processor once complete would address 10 bit, frame rates. The sensor itself can already do 60p.

Next version of cam will be relatively soon (? A year?). I asked him why buy it now? He said “Consider proven IQ and handling now. If you like it get it. If you need 10 bit and 60p wait but in 10 bit case it's a very minor difference”

Paul noted there are additional lower cost cinema lenses coming (I haven't seen any official announcements)

No he said it in prez. Was clear on timeline. cine EF jan. cine pl and cam march. Cheaper cine pl and EF summer. Nab for primes

And this last snip about 5D3 and the future of the Cinema EOS line…

He reiterated a few times that c300 is first cam In the line. A “first effort”. But its sensor is 4k ready now. He said 5d3 is “soon” (to all) but it's a different cam than cinema EOS slr.

(cover photo credit: snap from the notesOnVideo post)


  1. All the more reason for me to wait for the next model!

    I dont think I will ned 4k from a camera in a good while, so even if the next model is just 1080p(downsampled from 4k sensor), but has 1080p60 and 10-bit 422(hopefully 444 rgb) then its probably my next cam.

    Until then I guess I will wait and see if a new FF DSLR impresses me.

  2. I was told by my Rep in Houston, street price is 15,999.00.
    people are just waiting on contracts to be sold, and if you purchase a European Version you will not have Support in the US but only in EU

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