podcast #65 JVC 4k video camera by Frank Rohmer

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Good friend of planet5D Frank Rohmer has submitted this interview from CES about the just announced JVC GY-HMQ10 video camera that shoots 4k video. It has a 1/2 CMOS sensor and is priced under $5000

Our thanks to Frank for sending us this interview!

Frank Rohmer's report:

[tentblogger-vimeo 35146150]

Our thanks to Frank for taking time to get this interview for us!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. What the Scarlet X should have been. Can’t wait till these cameras go on sale!

  2. amazing camcorder, i’m canon lover, but jvc 4k proved that canon is not love their custmers… :(,
    i’ll get this 4k cam when available on the market..for JVC, why we always stuck on 16:9 ? why not 1:1, i think it is usefull for composition n visual fx isn’t it. gv edius is already wellcome to the “ultra” video resolution with their hqx codec.

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