planet5D poll: which pro dslr is best: Canon EOS-1D X or Nikon D4

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Last week, we posted “Side by side: Nikon D4 Vs. Canon EOS 1D X – which should you buy?” and got some good feedback, but this week, we thought we'd use this as the poll question and made it simple, you can pick one or the other but nothing else. If you're not happy with either, then you'll just have to sound off in the comments.

And yes, we recognize that neither one is currently on the market so we don't really yet know the true performance of both – so you'll just have to give an opinion based on the specs from the side by side post.

Poll Question:

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Of course this isn't scientific or anything… and the point is to just see what the general perception of the cameras is based on their specs. I'm also wondering if the Nikon D4 will win because it was announced more recently – but in actuality, I'll not really know because there's no way to judge that from this simple poll. HA

I thought about adding a bunch of different options to let you specify why you were picking one over the other, but soon realized there were too many choices to post. So please let us know in the comments why you chose the camera you voted for. Thanks!

(cover photo credit: snap from this flickr photo which has a creative commons lisc.)


    1. But since you ask, I have put down a deposit on a D4 because I have a suitcase full of Nikon lenses. Mind you I also have a 5D MkII but only with a 50mm F1.2

  1. I do think it comes down to what camp your glass is in. Why would I dump close to 35k in L lenses just to switch over to Nikon and start over, since at least on paper, they both seem to be wonderfully complete pro tools? I don’t see either one being a huge game changer for established shooters migrating brands. Of course, if money was no object, I think I would like to have both! 🙂

  2. One thing guys. Your website is called “……5d”, biased toward Canon from the outset. And Canon models are placed closer to the left on the menu.

    Big problem when running a poll like this, don’t you think?

    1. Author

      No doubt there’s probably a larger population of Canon users reading the blog – mainly because Nikon’s entries into the HDSLR market have been weaker than the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. The menus by the way are sorted alphabetically by WordPress – it wasn’t a mental choice by me.

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