Lindos Minisonic Mic Kit

Lindos Electronics has launched a DSLR Microphone Kit for music video production

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This might be product announcement Friday ha! We've gotten several new product announcements that we need to get out to you and this is one of several. Chris Skirrow from Lindos Electronics sent this one in.

The Minisonic Mic Kit

Lindos Electronics has just launched The Minisonic Mic Kit. Aimed at musicians and videographers the kit comes with two mics, a preamp, holders for attaching them to mic stands, a lapel clip, a pop-screen for recording vocals and windshields.

Video mics are available separately. They use the same mic capsule as the mics with leads giving the same performance on videos filmed out and about. Their collapsible telescopic design allows for stereo capture, whilst still allowing them to fit into a camera bag or the box that comes with the kit. The video mics also come with a pair of very effective windshields.

The preamp powers the mics, provides gain control and connects to a DSLR camera using a camera adapter. It can also connect to any other recording device (like a portable audio recorder or a computer sound-card for example) using breakout cables to XLRs, jacks etc. The camera adapters optimise the quality of your camera's audio recording capabilities, minimising the noise added by the camera and correcting the bass response of the camera's mic input. Recording sound to the camera removes the need for syncing sound from a separate recorder in post, saving time and expense and the bass correction makes music recordings sound fantastic!

Come and watch a demo video!

Priced at £199 for the kit and £99 for the video mics.

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Lindos Minisonic Mic Kit

Lindos Minisonic Mic Kit

And there's a PR

Lindos Electronics, makers of professional audio test equipment for 30 years, has today (8 December) launched a microphone kit for the consumer market. Compact and affordable, the MiniSonic Mic Kit will bring exceptional-quality audio recording to musicians and home movie makers as well as professional studios.

Priced at just £199, the MiniSonic Mic Kit comprises two miniature, calibrated, omni-directional electret microphones, a stereo preamplifier and accessories.

To experience the natural sound, solid bass and low noise of the MiniSonic Mic Kit, watch a demo video at

Chris Skirrow, proprietor of Lindos Electronics, says: “Lindos Electronics has spent 30 years in the audio test field, so we're passionate about high audio standards. By adapting our measurement microphones we realised that we could produce a fantastic-sounding piece of recording kit for musicians and HDSLR filmmakers at a fraction of the cost of anything equivalent on the market. We're excited to be producing the MiniSonic Mic Kit entirely in the UK.”

Key features of the MiniSonic Mic Kit

Two miniature, calibrated, omni-directional electret microphones. Based on our measurement mics, these give superb-quality, uncoloured sound. *
A custom-built preamplifier with stereo microphone inputs, independent left- and right-channel gain selection in 10dB steps and balanced/unbalanced professional line-level output to your computer, camera, mixing desk, iPhone or portable audio recorder. *
A range of accessories designed for both close-miking and spaced-pair recording, including mic holders (to fit conventional mic stands), a custom-made pop-shield, lapel clip and windshields. *
A range of camera adapters, each specially designed to achieve optimal performance from a specific camera, adapting the camera's mic input for professional line-levels and correcting the camera's bass roll-off. **
A pair of calibrated video mics which attach to your camera on telescopic mountings, perfect for capturing stereo or dual mono sound when you're out and about. To experience the clarity and stereo effect of our video mics, watch a demo video at **

* Included in the MiniSonic Mic Kit (also available separately)
** Priced separately

Uses of the MiniSonic Mic Kit

From aspiring bands to music videographers, home movie makers to professional studios, the exceptional quality and low price of the MiniSonic Mic Kit make it ideal for a wide range of users. Here are just three examples of uses:

Millions of amateur musicians now use social media – especially YouTube – to connect with audiences. With a MiniSonic Mic Kit connected to an iPhone, bedroom musicians can have studio-quality sound on their YouTube videos.

Many modern HDSLR cameras have excellent video capabilities, and increasing numbers of amateurs and professionals are using them to make exciting films. But the audio quality of HDSLRs is often poor, with high noise and very little bass. The MiniSonic Mic Kit and camera adapters (made for specific HDSLRs including the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 and the Canon EOS 5D mkII) mean that film-makers can have sound to match their pictures.
Many recording engineers would like to use miniature omni-directional mics when faced with recording challenges like acoustic guitars or choirs. The MiniSonic Mic Kit makes this choice affordable and practical.


The MiniSonic Mic Kit is priced extremely competitively to reach as wide a market as possible. The kit is available to buy at

MiniSonic Mic Kit: £199
Camera adapters: £35
Telescopic video mics: £89 (pre-order for dispatch 1 February)

Disclaimer: these guys are not a planet5D sponsor tho they have offered to send us a set to review and we haven't taken them up on it yet. We publish gear news because our users have asked us to let them know when we find things that may help them improve their shooting. If you're a gear maker and would like us to publish your HDSLR related products, please contact planet5D

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