Cinevate slider sale! 30% off

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What is more exciting than a big sale? You're right, new cameras HAHA! Cinevate let us know about this sale they're having so they can move to a new office. Your big chance!

They're moving

Cinevate is about to change HQ. We’re moving from our crowded 2nd floor offices to our newly renovated building. We’re pretty excited about moving but not excited about actually having to move stuff – enter the slider sale. That’s right, instead of lugging all of our sliders from one building to another we’d rather put them in a box and send them to our customers. You can now pick up ANY of our sliders at 30% off – our best slider prices ever. The sale runs until February 8th and is available through

We've also snuck in 2 new slider lengths – a 58 inch version of our Atlas 10, and a 35 inch version of Atlas FLT – both included in the sale.

Sale Flyer

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(cover photo credit: snap from cinevate)

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