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Jordy Vandeput sent us some exclusive additional information on the new Unified Magic Lantern version we were one of the first to announce last week. Jordy also put together a quick demo video especially for planet5D readers demonstrating several of the features (see below) as well as showing the new HDR video function does indeed work on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

One thing Jordy pointed out that is pretty cool…

“Forgot to mention that formatting the card was also a success. It backs up all the ML files and restores them”

With all these additional features and apparent stability, many of us should be considering testing out this Unified Magic Lantern version – tho the addition of the 5D2 isn't finished yet – Jordy was testing the closed beta version for Alex.

For all the info on the 5D2 version (and maybe to donate to Alex to help with development – planet5D did!), please see this thread

Jordy's comments to planet5D readers

Alex, the head developer for the Unified Magic Lantern software, mailed me a pre release to test some things for him.

When I installed it for the first time I was blown away with its stability and functionality, knowing it was just a closed beta version.

So I decided to do a full test on the Magic Lantern software. Started this morning I've been running tests for 9 hours straight.

The results are amazing. Of course I found many bugs, but again for just being a closed beta version I only had a camera lockup for two times.

Things like a fixed resolution between Live View and recording is one of the things that really is a breakthrough. I was also trying to create problems with connecting/disconnecting devices such as an HDMI monitor, headphone (trough the A/V jack) and an external monitor. But I just never had to reboot the camera, everything went perfectly smooth as if the software was something official.

Jordy's demo video

And this is a list of things I showed in the video:
– PictureStyle REC: Record in a different Picture Style then you view in
– FPS Control: Choose a FPS value between 2-32 FPS. Currently the camera freezes when you go higher then 32.
– HDR Movie: Already known with some other DSLR's. This function is also working for the 5D.
– Follow Focus: Control your focus with the arrow keys. Your lens must stand in AF to do this.
– Force HDMI: This forces your HDMI output into 1 resolution. Your HDMI monitor will not have to change resolution anymore. You can directly record!
– DISP Profiles: You can save up to 4 profiles for your Magic Lantern Settings and easily change them with one button.

All credits go to the developer Alex.

(cover photo credit: snap from the ML Site)


  1. “Force HDMI”, what is this feature exactly doing?!
    Because the problem is when you start to record the resolution of an external screen becomes very low. And if with this firmware it’s not the case anymore then it is indeed a very interesting and very powerful feature…

    1. Hey Merlin, Force HDMI is making sure that the resolution doesn’t change. This function makes the resolution 720×480, and it stays in this size during recording and not recording. unfortunately this is not a high resolution. But who knows what the future might bring 🙂

  2. Now if only they could figure out a way to allow us to record in full RAW movie mode. That way we get way more definition in our films. That’s really the only thing I’ve been waiting on.

    1. I’m sorry to say this, but that is not possible with the hardware of the camera. What you could do is use an external recorder and use Magic Lantern to output a clear HDMI. But even that signal is compressed and not full HD. I think the best budget camera to deliver “RAW” is the new Canon C300.

      1. See, I don’t understand that at all about hardware. Seems more like a firmware problem to me. It can already do stills in raw, so why can’t it do video in raw too. Why is this such a bit problem for the 5Dmk2 and the other high end and even medium end cameras.

        1. One of the reason it cant record raw in 24fps etc is because it does not have the processing power to do so. Taking raw video is alot of information at the same time!

  3. I made a little app (Mac OS X only for now) to automatically split Magic lantern HDR movies and conform to new frame rates. Makes the workflow simpler.
    Check it out:

    George Tyszkiewicz

  4. Did I see an intervalometer selection there? If so, what settings are available?

  5. GJ Jordy.
    Would you mind disclosing the make of your external monitor, which you used in the video.

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