Light Craft Workshop announces their new Variable ND, Fader ND Digi Pro-HD

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As most of us have learned, if you're shooting outdoors in bright daylight with an HDSLR, to keep the shutter speed and f-stop you desire, you probably need an Neutral Density (“ND”) filter to cut the light down. Many ND filters come in a 4×4 size – which requires a matte box to hold the filters – but what if you just want a normal circular lens filter? Well, Light Craft Workshop has just announced a new circular Light Craft Workshop Variable ND Fader ND Digi Pro-HD 77mm filter based on their ND Digi Pro-HD 4×4 and, they're sending us one to review.

If you're not familiar with ND filters, this article by Thom Hogan might help

About the Fader ND Digi-Pro HD

After three years since the first generation of Fader ND was born, it became a popular HDSLR tool for photographers and filmmakers. During the time we talked with customers, we heard their comments and feedback. We put them into the Fader ND Digi-Pro HD as much as we could.

Fader ND Digi Pro-HD was then firstly launched in a 4×4 inch format for professionals who need to use with a mattebox and it was a great successful with positive feedback.

Today, the Fader ND Digi Pro-HD is adding the new members, in 77mm and 82mm screw thread size, with 52 to 72mm coming in the first quarter of 2012. Razor sharp image resolution (tested up to 500mm on a 135mm full frame camera) with an ultimate range of ND2 to ND1000 (subject to focal length of the lens, normal usable range at ND 2 to ND400~450), this filter just performs as well as the 4×4 version.

In appearance, the fader ND Digi Pro-HD is equipped with a little handle to allow photographers easier and more precise rotation. Matte finishing filter ring helps avoid reflection of lights and with the special shape created it also helps increasing friction when holding on hand, decreasing the chance of dropping it on the ground when detaching/attaching it (many many of our customers dropped their filters and broke it during shooting!).

The Fader ND Digi Pro-HD 77mm and 82mm will be available in January, 2012 with price at USD$305 (77mm), USD$320(82mm).

We'll have more

Here's their page for the new ND and once we get our hands on the new Light Craft Workshop Variable ND Fader ND Digi Pro-HD 77mm, we'll give you a report!

Light Craft Workshop Variable ND, Fader ND Digi Pro-HD 77mm

Light Craft Workshop Variable ND, Fader ND Digi Pro-HD 77mm

Blogger's Disclaimer: LightCraft Workshop has been a planet5D sponsor in the past, but we'll print all sorts of HDSLR related news – just let us know!

(cover photo credit: snap from the info sent by LCW)


  1. Would love to see a comparison of this one versus the Heliopan. Plus there’s a 3rd one on the market by a company I can’t remember…

  2. Have you done the review yet? I’m about to purchase the Heliopan but I need to see this one reviewed first. I bought the LCW mark II 77mm for my Canon 70-200 f2.8 and the image is way too soft! I’m looking for sharpness beyond 50mm. Thanks.

  3. I would just love it if you (or your friend) would get to reviewing the Digi Po-HD. I need to make a decision but have not seen any reviews (with images) of this filter where a longer lens is used. The images on the Lightcraft Workshop site are confusing and were taken at f8. I would like to see something at f2.8 200mm. I want the Digi Pro-HD to be good because of the extra stop or two of nd power over the Heliopan. Again, I’m looking for sharpness on a longer lens. Thanks!

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