The Human Slingshot – don’t try this at home with your Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Oh boy, I'm not sure I'd try this – maybe because I've passed the age of reason but this does look like fun – “The Human Slingshot” was shot by Denver Riddle and he sent it to us to show off a bit of color grading and some just downright craziness.

It was shot in the style of Devin Graham's recent slip and slide video.

the video

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Denver Riddle writes:

This is THE original human slingshot developed by the Pope family in Hobble Creek Canyon, UT.

Just a couple telephone polls and some bungie cords. Filmed with a number of Canon 5D's and Canon 7D's all running the Technicolor picture style graded in DaVinci Resolve.

Cameras: Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EOS 7D, GoPro
Lenses: 16-35mm, 24-105mm
Edited: FCP7
Graded: DaVinci Resolve 8
Extras: Luster Grade Presets* available for FCP X
Luster Film Burns available for all platforms

The Experience
It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and Travis Pitcher of Good Line had commissioned myself and some other good buds to shoot the Human Slingshot video.

Armed with a number of Canon 5D's, 7D's, GoPro's and an assortment of some really sweet lenses we set out to capture the thrill of this suicidal contraption.

Harnessed into this thing your mind goes through all the different worse case scenarios of how this might all turn out, “I might actually die OR I might pee a little but maybe survive!”

Then the ATV takes off and your all of a sudden racing backwards facedown
watching the grass as a blur and then a brief moment of silence.

The operator on back of the ATV releases his grip on the strap that's been
precariously wrapped around the bumper and…

You're head snaps backward in a sort of whip lash fashion, your ears fill with
the sound of rushing wind and you're catapulted straight into the mountain

Or at least just before you think you're a goner you hit the end of the recoil
and back you come.

You fly around a little bit more and then the rides over. What a rush!

Production Notes
We ran one Canon EOS 5D Mark II on a Glidecam 4000 with the “epic” 16-35mm
L series lens.

On the other Canon EOS 5D Mark IIs and 7Ds we ran the workhorse lens 24mm-105mm.

We were all running the Technicolor Cinestyle picture style which wasn't that
flattering of an image in camera, but would prove to be beneficial later in post.

The GoPro was mounted as a helmet cam on a couple different riders and
provided that unique perspective.

Post Production
In post the footage was transcoded into Apple Pro Res and cut by Travis Pitcher in FCP7.

When I received the footage for grading it was already media managed. All I
had to do was export an XML and bring it into DaVinci Resolve 8. Piece of cake.

After conforming I set to work immediately performing primary color correction
setting exposure and contrast. I also needed to bring up the saturation a bit.

The advantage with the Technicolor Picture Style is the extended dynamic
range that you get; preserving a lot of the detail in the shadows and
the highlights.

Before and after color grading - shot with Technicolor CineStyle

Before and after color grading - shot with Technicolor CineStyle

After I finished primary color correction I created a look adjusting the color of
the grass and the skies to give a it colorful vibrant feel. Applied one of my custom
Luster Grade Presets and rendered it out.

As a finishing touch I applied some of my Luster Film Burns, which you can
download some free samples of.

Denver Riddle

*Luster Grade Presets for DaVinci coming soon.

Produced by Good Line
Camera Operators: Travis Pitcher
Aaron Sorensen, Matt Butler & Denver Riddle
Edited: Travis Pitcher
Color Graded: Denver Riddle
Music: Micah Anderson “Head in the Air”

What do you think? Good or crazy?

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Anyone curious if that camera broke on that rebound at 1:30? It seriously looks like the lens got knocked clear the F$*k off the camera body.

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