planet5D November 3rd Canon Announcement coverage and more

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In just 4 days, we'll be in Hollywood attending the November 3rd Canon Announcement (see our post on the invitation) and we wanted to let you know how we're going to cover it (or at least hope to cover it) and we hope you'll tune in!

Many of you may be familiar with the blogs that cover the crazy Apple announcements with live blogs and so we've gotten the first live blog that I'm aware of for this huge Canon announcement.

November 3rd

My understanding is there is going to be a presentation in a theater on the Paramount Studios lot and during that presentation, I'll be doing a “live blog” – where I'll be posting updates as they're announced on stage. The presentation starts at 3pm Pacific time (which is 10pm GMT).

So tune into our live blog page and find out what the announcement is all about. If you go there now and click on the ‘play' button, since the event hasn't started, you'll get this invitation to have an email sent to you when the event does start:

Click to visit the liveblog page - then click play to get this popup

I've done some testing with a ‘mobile hotspot' and have been able to do a live UStream broadcast with it – and so I'm hoping to be able to do a live show and possibly interview some of the folks there at the event. Now, not knowing for sure what the availability of anyone is going to be and whether or not it will be quite enough to even pull of a live show, you'll have to keep your eye on twitter and maybe just keep the planet5D live page open to see when live broadcasts pop up.

After the presentation, my understanding is there's a ‘trade show' setup where I'll be able to get additional footage and hopefully I'll be able to do a live broadcast or two – but I can't absolutely promise that.

The Chronos Festival

Also, as I've mentioned before, I'll be attending the Chronos Film Festival in Albuquerque on the 4th and 5th. The event actually starts on the 3rd, but the Canon event takes priority so I'll be missing the first part of the Chronos party. As with the Canon event, I'm planning on trying to do something at this event, but as I just found out, the schedule for the last day is up in the air due to an issue with the location, so at this point, I am not able to publish an exact time. We'll just have to play it by ear.

The following week, I'll be at the PubCon SEO, SEM, and social media conference taking place in Las Vegas – and will be tweeting about that hopefully quite a bit.

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