3D Sunset in San Francisco

First Canon EOS 5D Mark II stereoscopic 3D motion-controlled timelapse

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We're pleased to share one of the first 3D motion-controlled timelapse shot on Canon EOS 5D Mark IIs with you – shot by Brad Kremer, Peter Chang, Stewart Mayer of CamBlock and others called “DEUS EX HOMINE”. It also features San Francisco and the sculptures of Jeremy Mayer.

I present to you some of the first stereoscopic 3D motion-controlled (moco) timelapse footage in the world, featuring the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, server farms, and typewriter sculptor Jeremy Mayer at work with his intricate and lifelike “robots” built out of typewriter parts. This was a test for an upcoming project and was shot entirely on Canon 5D Mark II DSLR's in both parallel and beam-splitter configurations for true, native stereo capture at 5.6K resolution RAW.

UPDATE: 11am – just got an email Kris Koenig from Interstellar Studios letting me know this isn't the “first”

The statement is not accurate – both Mirage3D and ourselves (and we assume many others) have been doing motion controlled stereo timelaspes for several years on the 5DmII.

3D Sunset in San Francisco

3D Sunset in San Francisco

The 2D version from vimeo

[tentblogger-vimeo 31175428]

The 3D Version on Youtube

Note: It is presented here in ‘side by side' mode (where you can cross your eyes to see the 3D), but I think to watch in other 3D forms (with glasses etc), you have to go to the youtube site [tentblogger-youtube 0quUxvXtHPw]

Peter H. Chang's Description

This was a stereoscopic 3D motion-controlled (moco) timelapse test for an upcoming project. It is meant to be viewed in stereoscopic 3D.

Blu-ray 3D (1920 x 1080p24 to each eye) and 4K 3D (4096 x 2160p24) available upon request.

Brad Kremer and Stewart Mayer of camBLOCK flew out for three days of shooting at the end of March. It rained the entire time they were in town so we were confined to interiors, which turned out to be a bit of a blessing in disguise since those shots turned out to be some of the more impressive ones in 3D.

Jeremy Mayer Sculpture in 3D timelapse

Shooting a Jeremy Mayer Sculpture for 3D timelapse

After the weather cleared, I shot for an additional nine days around San Francisco with assistance from Simon Christen, Noah Hawthorne, Christopher Fuzi, Robert Mooring, Josh Golz, and Paul Leeming.
3D Sunset in San Francisco

Capturing a Sunset in 3D San Francisco - by Peter Chang

Canon 5D Mark II's were used in both parallel and beamsplitter configurations for true, native stereo capture at 5.6K resolution RAW. The camBLOCK and Dynamic Perception were used for motion control.

There were some major technical hurdles with both capture and post, but once we saw the results in 3D, it was well worth it.

Special thanks to Jeremy Mayer, Cisco Systems, Gather Restaurant, San Francisco Flower & Garden Show, The Millennium Tower, The Port of Oakland, and the San Francisco Film Commission for giving us access to some great locations and subjects on short notice.

Edited by Peter Chang
Color correction and grading by Brad Kremer
Produced by Peter Chang and Christopher Frey
Music by Michael McCann “Icarus”

Peter Chang

Brad Kremer

Stewart Mayer

Jeremy Mayer – Typewriter Sculptor

3D shooting on the crooked street in San Francisco

3D shooting on the crooked street in San Francisco

The sculptor

The sculptor

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. There has been a spate of motion-controlled timelapse clips here at Planet 5D as of late. Technically, very impressive, but I’m getting use to the technlogy and beginning to ask, OK, looks great, sounds great (the music building in intensity)…what’s the content. Perhaps, it is a bit unfair to make this point on this video, as it was billed as a test for a project to come later..well, he’s got the technique down 100 percent. In the end, it has to be about story telling.

  2. guys you can’t just say the 1st for motion control TL !!! we have been, along with Many other crews from around the world have been shooting stereoscopic TL using cameras such as the Canon 5D and others for years both on side by side rigs and beam splitter rigs, saying that it’s always a pleasure to see other crews having just as much fun as we have had in the past shooting S3D. Keep it up!

    1. “some of the first”, and one of the first to be posted publicly online

  3. All on the Mk2? Really? Wow! Halfway down the page you mentioned 5k? Did you get the Mk2 to film in 5k?

    1. Author

      Alex, actually, if you’re shooting stills (which they were for a timelapse) then the resolution of the stills on the 5D2 is indeed over 5k. 5k in video is measured horizontally and the resolution of the 5D2 is 5616 x 3744. Hope that helps

  4. I was thinking more about this business of story-telling using time-lapse. The only significant piece I can remember is a neo-luddite diatribe called Koyaanisqatsi. It was made way back in the early1980s by Godfrey Reggio and had music by Philip Glass. Putting aside what you may think of the central idea of the film, it was VERY good story-telling.

  5. Good job guys, would you mind sharing the type of beam splitter you used for the shots with the me?

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