Rumors abound – is the 5D3 coming soon? plus canonrumors live on planet5D Oct 3rd

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Things are heating up in the camera world as the weather cools off in the northern hemisphere – and with Canon's announcement of something major coming November 3rd, as well as another potential release on Oct 26 (see below), plus the recent patent finding for an aperture ring (again see more below), we thought it time to do a quick rumor roundup – as well as announcing that we're going to have Craig Blair from live on planet5D next Monday – a month before the Canon announcement.

planet5D live with Craig from

Monday Oct 3rd 3pm ET

please join us for this live conversation where you get to ask the questions!

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What do we know?

  • November 3rd Canon announcing something that is (in their words) “an Historic Global Announcement”
  • It has been 3 years since the Canon EOS 5D Mark II was announced
  • The disasters earlier this year in Japan threw off many things
  • the Canon EOS 5D Mark II is still selling like hotcakes tho Canon has put out rebates (more on this coming)
  • And don't forget this Northlight-images chart of the Canon product releases… the 1Ds Mk III is the oldest and most likely for a refresh if Canon were to keep that line open (there are some thoughts they might merge that with the 1D Mk IV). Canon DSLR Release Chart
  • October 26th is likely a printer announcement, but the question is why does it have the EOS logo on it? (note: printer details from CR)

Canon October 26 announcement

What do we think?

New patent for Aperture ring for HDSLR video?

Just yesterday, Photography Bay posted this story “Canon Bringing Back Lens Aperture Rings for HDSLR Video”.

Small section from the Photography Bay story

Anyone who has shot video with a Canon DSLR recognizes that smooth iris pulls are impossible while recording with Canon’s EF lenses. In one of the more interesting patent applications of late, Canon revealed that it is working on new lenses with aperture rings for adjusting aperture settings during video capture.

The new lenses with aperture rings utilize electronic control of the lens diaphragm rather than a mechanical aperture ring of yesteryear.


Tough calls here – I'm still under the impression that we'll not see a new HDSLR as there were strong signals that there wouldn't be one before 2012. As I said above, it seems to me (and I'm not in the business of selling cameras so I could be way off here) that Canon has realized what a power position they are in after the success of the current line up and it would be best to hit a home run with the next generation of bodies as opposed to putting out half-assed upgrades just to satisfy the ‘must have new camera' groupies.

Also, tho the price in the USA and Canada for the 5D2 has dropped and there's a Canon rebate in the USA for $100 off, that doesn't mean they're clearing out product for a new release. There have been several rebates for the Canon EOS 7D and we are still on the first generation there.

And – according to the poll in the right hand column ==> you guys tend to believe the November 3rd announcement is for large sensor video cameras as well.

In any event, join us this coming Monday to ask these questions of Craig Blair from! When you join us live in the chat room on planet5D live, you get to ask the questions right alongside me.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the fake 5D3 commercial several weeks ago)


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  2. Printers in combination with an EOS *video* camera? Thats not making to much sense to me …

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  4. Mirrorless is exciting. The Nikon 1 is not. I hope Canon is working on this and that they do better than Nikon did.

  5. Canon will announce a 4k camera with thunderbolt. On what grounds do I speculate? Lets just say a trusted engineer I have known for years had one too many and spilled the beans.

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