Canon announces special event November 3rd in Hollywood!

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Many news sites got this invitation today (including us) to “Save the Date for an Exclusive Canon Event” in Hollywood, CA on November 3rd.

“Canon is making an historic global announcement” is the tagline… city is Hollywood…

Could be new video cameras (hence the location)

Could be a Canon EOS 5D Mark III (but not likely)

Both of the above?

Something completely different?

The invitation

Save the Date for an Exclusive Canon Event

The Canon invitation to the November 3rd Exclusive Canon Event

I think we're going!

Note: I have no real clue about this event – I'm not under NDA and I don't have any more details.

(cover photo credit: snap from the invite)



    It very much looks like the “Project Imagin8ion partnership with Ron Howard.”

    Note “The Story Begins” in that announcement graphic, and then go look at the “Imagin8tion” web site…


    1. Bingo.

      It can’t be a new camera, it refers to something different and I think you got it…

      Although “HISTORIC GLOBAL Announcement” sounds a bit exaggerated for a kind of project joining photographers/Canon users with Hollywood’s people and the creation of a film, but it does make sense.

      1. More and more clues are appearing to indicate that this event is not only Ron Howard’s film. It may be related, but it doesn’t make sens if it is “only” that.

        As mentioned above, those “Historic Global…” sound too exaggerated to be just that.

        We got some comments a while ago about a 5D Mark III or new DSLR appearing in October, so the information is still a bit confusing.

        But after reviewing all points, I think that a new camera will be announced in October/November. Still not sure what it exactly is, though.

      1. So will see. Anyways, I bet. The product that out with this historic global announcement will be not a really game changer 😀

        will see . . . 😉

  2. I’m going with a consumer 4k hd video camera… The words “global” and “historic” are not words you use for an American Marketing campaign with Ron Howard….

  3. Let’s split the difference, 3k video camera , body only , works with all canon glass , 🙂 hope so, price$ 8,999. And did any one else notice the date in November – 3/11 ? So relevance end of the mark II ? Start of the MK3 ??

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  5. If that will happen in Hollywood that must be something video not DSLR oriented.
    If that is to be a “historic global announcement” then that will definitely be a new DSLR because a new DSLR like 5D Mk III is not a historic announcement.

    A historic announcement would be a new standard. That could be:
    – the end of DSLR (mirror less camera) which would start a whole new range of cameras that would not have EOS in their name.
    – optionally such a camera wouldn’t have an EOS mount.
    – a historic announcement could also be a mobile phone operationg system installed. The great new is that this won’t be iOS for sure.

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