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edelkrone announces new HDSLR rigs, follow focus

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The folks at edelkrone® have sure made a splash in the short time they've been around and they've just announced a new line of rigs called the ‘modula' as well as a new follow focus that looks pretty versatile. The new rig is called the modula one – they've got quite a bit of options and you can see them on their site.

The edelkrone announcement

(click on the image to visit their full announcement – it is really much bigger than this!)

edelkrone modula and follow focus announcement

edelkrone modula and follow focus announcement

Modula One

edelkrone new modula one

edelkrone new modula one - click to visit their site to see complete details

edelkrone® Follow Focus

edelkrone® follow focus is a complete new design from the ground up. With this new approach many firsts have been achieved. The unique design gives a much better user experience and delivers a fluid workflow, ease of use, faster lens changing, better and more ergonomic handling.

edelkrone® Follow Focus

edelkrone® Follow Focus

edelkrone® follow focus lower focus wheel

edelkrone® follow focus lower focus wheel

edelkrone® follow focus angles

edelkrone® follow focus angles

Blogger's Disclaimer: edelkrone is not a planet5D sponsor, but we'll print all sorts of HDSLR related news – just let us know!

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  1. you need to register on their site just to see prices. first poster is bang on the money. from memory the rig pictured is about $1800 less follow focus which was $1000+ i think

  2. The man is brilliant! I wouldn’t be surprised to see some billion dollar company buy Edelkrone just to get this guy on their product design staff. To the guy who thinks his Gini rig is better, I own a Gini rig. I find it well made, but frustrating. After adding a follow focus, light, monitor, and matte box, I have to get new rods and a counterbalance just to keep the handle supports from slipping, and I have to source several of the parts from other companies. Bottom lime, this new rig is made to carry a pro rig easily, and is rediculously adjustable. Can I afford it? No. But I do think this rig will be a paradigm shift in rig design, and we can expect his design ideas to percolate through the industry.

  3. I think I read the same price quote, and I agree with Dave C. Although steep in price, it is unprecedented in design. This design will no doubt be copied, but I highly doubt duplicated.

  4. did anyone notice these rigs are hideous and will probably scare off any people in front of the camera?

  5. I love it when people spend equal to or more than the cost of their actual camera for support rigging.

    I have a $36 Cowboystudio shoulder mount and my handheld stuff looks just as good as the thousand dollar+ cost rigs.

    It’s all about over-compensating these days 😉

  6. @Derek, I too have a Cowboy shoulder for a 5dM2, and for me I don’t care what it looks like, does it have ease of use and comfortability. For the money the Cowboy works well, but with a 5DM2 and a decent lens that things is to top heavy for my liking, and my back is toast after a day shooting with that rig. Mind you, I don’t doubt anyone with a certain amount of shooting experience with the Cowboy rig can have footage that looks just as good as a 1k priced rig. For my money, a big part of a sale on a rig is comfortability. Is it worth 2-3k?Depends on how much you use it . For me, I don’t mind waking up the next morning from a shoot and being able to
    still walk, even if it cost me 2 grand!!

  7. Did no one notice that these are actually the handyfilmtools guys? It’s a shame what they did here. They completely ditched the base x brand, took the bests parts, added some snazz and doubled there prices. I bought a base x rig and feel really cheated that it doesn’t have any support anymore, they even deny its existence by losing the website, but it’s pretty obvious they are handyfilmtools

    1. Author

      We had an announcement earlier this year that they were changing names of the company. I don’t know anything about the support of the ‘handi’ stuff, but I don’t believe it was a big secret about the name change.

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