Slow motion – the 1% factor – in Final Cut Pro X

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Remember all those cool Twixtor movies slowing down HDSLR footage to really really slow speeds? It turns out you can do that very nicely in FCPX without a plugin. I tried this on some Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) footage and it worked nicely. [source: tweet from Richard Harrington “Slow motion at 1% using Optical Flow in #FCPX (okay.. this is impressive)” via ]

Redrock Micro

The sample

SLOW MOTION IN FCP X-optical flow from EASY RIDE on Vimeo.

Much to slow, but its a good exercise in the performance of the software.

Canon 7D
25 p
Optical flow
Ralenti 1%
ND filters


Infos & tuto


It really is pretty easy to do… select a clip and apply retiming (command-r) then select the option as shown here (this image from the source post which is in French) <img src="; alt="Bienvenue sur" title="Bienvenue sur” width=”399″ height=”360″ class=”size-full wp-image-12244″ />

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses


  1. There is a lot of blur and distortion in these clips compared to Twixtor. Twixtor is razor sharp and looks like it was shot with high end Phantoms or something similar. This looks cool for home movies but I can’t see this as a solution for professional use at all.

  2. Still lots of distortion starting at around the 47 sec mark where it starts to speed up… a limitation with this effect whether using Twixtor, AE’s built in TimeWarp or FCPX, unless you can shoot against a plain background

    1. Twixtor cannot handle this complicated of a blend. It fails in the same places fcpx does. you have to shoot against a background that has little information like a sky.

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  5. It doesn’t work with my 5d footage. FCP X is crap and there is only the possibility to slow down in 25 % and 75 %

    1. Author

      It does work with your footage and FCPX isn’t crap in my opinion. When you are re-timing, you change the retiming by dragging the handles on the retiming bar to the right… you can change the timing all the way down to 1%. I’ve done it. It isn’t only in 25% increments.

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