Need film distribution? Why not sell it on iTunes? A $200k success story

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The Polish brothers have sold their HDSLR (shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews)) based movie on iTunes and raked in over $200k already! [source: This tweet from lensflare35]

The trailer

for lovers only… from Polish Brothers on Vimeo.

Mark Polish & Stana Katic

It is available here on iTunes

More on the success

From the first post I saw on the movie at filmmakermagazine

From Steve Pond at The Wrap comes a piece on the Polish Brothers’ latest, a French-shot no-budget romance called For Lover’s Only, which was made with a production budget of, the article says, “zero,” and has already made $200,000 on iTunes. It stars Mark Polish and Stana Katic (Detective Kate Beckett on ABC’s Castle), and it was shot on a Canon 5D, with the filmmakers posing as tourists, not worrying about location fees, and, writes Pond, “They even got the film classified as an experimental film by the Screen Actors Guild, which meant they didn’t have to pay Katic, who shared an agent with Mark and brought her own wardrobe.”

What’s most interesting about the story, though, is not the budget contortions but the release method. And although there seems to have been at least one industry screening in L.A. last Fall, the film wasn’t distributed early to journalists — including, um, magazines that once put the filmmakers on the cover. Instead it relied on the Facebook and Twitter feeds of the director and star Katic for publicity.

Read the whole story

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Ummm… you may want to change your header up there – it’s not “a couple of guys from Poland” – it’s the Polish brothers. You may want to Google them.

  2. I liked the content but I really wished they had used a stabilizer on their handheld. Took away from the beauty of the shots.

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  5. I could answer the ‘why not sell it on iTunes’ —, there is no way to put a feature film on iTunes without a major distributor. Apparently these guys did it, but I don’t see any information about how they got onto iTunes in the first place.

    I know how to get a short onto iTunes, but the process it absurdly difficult and, at least with the group I had to go through, I have yet to see anything close to an on-time payment.

  6. Mitch, You make it sound positive that they didn’t pay their talent and stole locations. I think it’s disgusting not compensating employees/contractors or those who contribute. Any other industry and they’d be in court. Why films are somehow different than any other for profit endeavor is mind boggling to me.

  7. Fine Filmmaker magazine is responsible for the comment but don’t be complicit in reposting is my point.

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