Angry about FCPX? Then help fund a collaborative video editor – Novacut

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If you're angry about Final Cut Pro X, then put your money where your mouth is and help fund a new collaborative video editor (called Novacut Pro) specifically designed for the HDSLR enthusiast. This is a kickstarter project that you can help fund here.



(from the project at kickstarter)

Initially we're only “officially” supporting Canon HDSLR, meaning we have full metadata support and have extensively tested with these cameras. Canon HDSLR were chosen as our initial target because that's what the majority of current low-budget, high-quality, direct-to-fan productions are using (a wide majority, easily 75%). We're careful about tuning Novacut to reality, about helping as many storytellers as possible.

However, Novacut will support any video format supported by GStreamer, which is a lot. So from day one you'll likely have a great experience with other video formats from others cameras too (YMMV). But initially only Canon HDSLR cameras will be under our official quality assurance umbrella. With time, the list will expand, likely fairly quickly.

You can also provide some input on this thread at vimeo

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  1. You guys should have a look into kdenlive ( ). They have a Light Graffiti effect, customized layouting support a ton of import and export formats and will probably soon include a GPU accelerated slow motion plugin.

    1. Pascal: the important stuff that got taken out of FCP was all the serious pro EDL and OMF formats, to work with protools and other editors… these are formats of project files, edit decision lists, as opposed to video formats, which is what you’re talking about…

  2. I dont get it – $300 for something that I would bet $30,000 will suck even more than FCPX?? Collaborative editing across the world – who the [email protected]#k is asking for that??? I’ve never heard ANYONE asking for that. Seriously there are enough editors of all flavours with PROVEN stability and PROVEN work flows ranging from free to a couple of hundred dollars and up to the thousands. DO we really need another editor? And why was that guy whispering in a dodgy English accent? The whole thing smells fishy to me!

    1. >>And why was that guy whispering in a dodgy English accent?

      Sorry, I’m just going to ignore the rest of your comment for a moment and say that that line made my day. I happen to be the guy who did the voice over, that also happens to be a genuine English accent.

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