The Creators of “Her Morning Elegance” Launch the First Global Excision Art Project

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Do you guys remember seeing this very cool “Here Morning Elegance” stop motion video? You probably have, it has over 19 million views on youtube… but I'll bet you didn't know it was shot on the Canon EOS 5D. And now, if you're a fan, you can buy one of the stills from the shoot! Read below!

And there's a link to the BTS video down at the bottom too – that's pretty cool.

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First, the video

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The PR about buying a still

The Creators of the Grammy Nominated Her Morning Elegance Launch the First Global Excision Art Project

The Her Morning Elegance Gallery has, for the first time ever, taken a music video apart frame by frame and begun to distribute the video as photography all over the world. Through the online Her Morning Elegance Gallery, each photo-quality ‘excised’ frame is being offered as a single edition, signed and numbered photograph.

With over 18 million YouTube views, Her Morning Elegance is the most successful stop-motion video ever made. It has been screened at The Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity, Pompidou Center, Le Hors Piste Film Festival, SXSW and The Los Angeles Film Festival. It has inspired the art community and in return gained a nomination for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. Together with the music video’s success and the opening of the Her Morning Elegance Gallery, a new form of art has been born.

“The video was created using a technique called stop motion photography. This means each one of the 2096 still photos [frames of the video] were shot using a digital SLR Camera with the highest attention to detail and composition,” said Eyal Landesman, the photographer. “The frames were then sequenced together to create the feeling of motion. Our initial idea to create a video that would later be excised allowed us to use a singular narrative approach so that Her Morning Elegance can stand alone as photographic art.”

Guy Laor, the gallery curator added “Letting people choose their favorite frame from the larger piece is a very interesting experiment, it demonstrates in a very strong way how the decision to choose one piece of art over another is subjective. Some choose the “perfect” frame while others connect to the more abstract ones. We always try to imagine the kind of person standing behind each frame we send out.”

At the same time, on Facebook, photos taken by patrons of the gallery are being recollected and shared online. Hundreds of frames have already been sold across North America and Europe, as well as South Korea, Japan, Australia, UK, Brazil, Singapore, Israel and more. When all the photographs are sold, a singular video will have been split 2096 ways across the globe.

Photos are available online via the gallery in three sizes and prices ranging from $100 to $480.

For more information about the artists or the process please contact:
Daniel Rotman – Gallery Curator Assistant
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +972-54-3464-668

Stay tuned for further developments.

To better demonstrate the process involved in the project, the artists have released The Making of Her Morning Elegance which is available online at:

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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