podcast #43 DSLR Solutions Follow Focus Reviewed and demoed

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DSLR Solutions last week announced a simple inexpensive DSLR follow focus – and planet5D had an exclusive first look at this new HDSLR follow focus unit. After the announcement, Aric sent us one to have a look and we've put together this video demonstration and review.

Redrock Micro

Our Demo/Review

podcast #43 DSLR Solutions Follow Focus Review from planetMitch on Vimeo.

Pros and Cons!


  • Light but strong – very well built
  • Easy to use
  • Very smooth action once you've mastered it
  • Tin and packaging are very well done – fits easily in camera bag
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • One size fits many lenses


  • takes a few tries to learn do focus pulls smoothly (but doesn't really take long)
  • need different sizes for some larger lenses
  • needs to be on firm tripod
  • velcro focus points aren't firm enough to be hard stops – maybe having a couple of wider based pointers would make them sturdy

Blogger's Disclaimer: DSLR Solutions did send us a kit to review but asked for no special treatment.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Mitch, thanks for taking the time to provide a hands-on demo of the DSLR Follow Focus. Regarding having harder hitting focus stops, you can turn the markers 90 degrees to the strap giving them better grip providing a much harder stop to hit against. Your stop then becomes the back of the marker arrow. I will be posting some additional tips to the site soon which will detail this along with some other information.

    For those that are interested, the larger size that Mitch was using, which will fit the 24-105, 24-70 & 70-200mm, it will be available late next week. SIgn up on our website in the right-hand column to be notified when it is available. www.dslrsolutions.net/dslr-follow-focus

  2. This is a nice but very simple item… So 60$ is too much for me sorry.

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