Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) “will not be ready for professional use” says Larry Jordan-and other FCPX info

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Apple plans to release Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) in the month of June – many expect it to be next week (see but FCP guru Larry Jordan says “It will not be ready for professional use.” Larry made this comment in a presentation for the Los Angeles FCP User Group that was just posted on the site. Watch the first 2 minutes of the video below to understand Larry's context. His point is that this is a total rewrite with brand new code and there are bound to be things missing or bugs that would make it difficult to use in a production project. He also says, “Apple has a very poor track record of perfect dot zero releases.” I totally agree with that point having lived thru rewrites of Apple's iMovie and Aperture's 1.0 release. Just be cautious about your planning to use it right away. Take time to learn it and let others discover the bugs.

In regard to it coming next week:

Apple demoed Final Cut Pro X back in mid-April, announcing that the professional video production software would launch on the Mac App Store in June priced at $299. Apple has yet to release any official word on the other components of its Final Cut Studio package or its lighter-weight Final Cut Express software. A number of screenshots from Final Cut Pro X and related applications have also leaked in recent days just ahead of the software's launch, but the full details remain unknown.

We've been gathering info for a while about FCPX including info on preparing your computer, plugins, training and more so you'd be prepared.

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The Larry statement

There are 4 videos showing the LAFCPUG meeting, but the one everyone will be talking about is the third one, where Larry addresses the “not ready for professional use” issue – and in context, he's not saying that it will be a flop or completely buggy so it is unusable, but that you shouldn't drop everything else and plan to totally use FCPX the day after 1.0 ships for a production project. Watch all 4 videos here on

For feedburner daily email readers: watch the video (note: feedburner and other email systems disable the javascript embed tags so the videos won't display.)

Preparing your computer

Preparing for Final Cut Pro X – a whitepaper from Silverado

One other thing to remember – some previous upgrades (example: iMovie) have destroyed the previous installs so be aware (tho we have read many times that FCP 7 and FCPX will work side by side) – you should have a backup of your setup just in case! Watch this video from CreativeCOW: GET READY TO RUMBLE: Perfect setup for a seamless transition to FCP X and OS X Lion

Other FCPX info

Apple will be selling the app thru the new app store – so there won't be boxed software with DVD installs to go pick up at your local store.

Turns out, we missed some discounts on iTunes gift cards last week at Target in the USA – they were giving 20% father's day discounts. I hadn't thought of the idea, but there's a FCPX facebook group and it was posted there… now if we could only find some other discounted cards!

However, just found this for you UK readers:

For those of us in the UK, Co-op at the moment have £5 off £10 itunes gift cards. Just print this and take it in:

It runs to sun(19th).

Some of the core updates:

in case you haven't seen them, here's sort of a rundown of what is new:

  • Totally rewritten using 64 bit technology and takes advantage of the ‘core' Apple OS software (Core Animation, OpenCL, and Grand Central Dispatch etc.)
  • Totally new UI (some say more iMovie like)
  • No more rendering or transcoding – native Canon EOS 5D Mark II (HDLSR) editing
  • ‘Magnetic timeline' – locks audio to video so everything stays sync'd
  • New collections for clips and person recognition for metadata
  • Work on resolutions up to 4k (not that it matters to HDSLR users grin)
  • Metadata will be incredibly important – helping us manage the clips and people
  • there's a much longer list on

Plugins and more

However, there are still many many things that are unknown – like how will older plugins work if at all? Will Color still be another app? etc.

About 32 bit plugins this was said on twitter just this morning: “None of the 32 bit plugins will work in #fcpx according to @philiphodgetts”

I've read some posts of people who are planning on using FCPX on a hot new project – don't plan for this! Plan on using FCP for a while while you learn FCPX!

I recommend you watch “Six editors talk about preparing for FCPX at MacVideo Expo. Watch the videos” – this was filmed on June 9, so it is very recent.


Final Cut Pro X Hands On Tour– coming June 30. A free webinar.

PowerUP: Discover Final Cut Pro X! with Larry Jordan TUESDAY, July 12, 2011 in Burbank, CA (register)

Interesting articles to read/watch

There are plenty of articles to read – and tho many had ‘screenshots', Apple has managed to get most of them taken down.

10 Noteworthy Final Cut Pro X Related Videos and Posts – What We Know & What to Expect

EOSHD wrote an interesting post: “OpenCL in OSX Lion to give FCP X huge performance hike

Yesterday, this article also listed several other stories to read: Final Cut Pro X: The Native Are Restless IV

CNet has The skinny on Final Cut Pro X (FAQ)

(cover photo credit: snap floating around of a macbook pro with fcpx on it)

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  1. there is no way in HELL i will be buying the first release of this … if ever. coupled with a new operating system ? i’ve got better things to do than bankrupt my business … sjk.

  2. Meanwhile the rest of the community have moved away from Apple mediocrity. Thank god for alternatives and thank you Apple for showing us those alternatives while you focus on iOS and what the meaning of the “app store” is.

      1. You may have updated your post ( I don’t see anything to suggest that…) but the sensationalist headline remains the same. It just makes no sense, and is pretty unprofessional. Perhaps get rid of the post entirely? Just a suggestion, carry on. Also, you were pretty “late” in posting this, the speech was made a week after NAB, in April. I believe it is now June.

  3. That’s great, but meantime I’m using FCP 7 which has been killing me with instability and unexpected quits. I feel I have very little to lose. If it isn’t ready, I’ll just move over all the way to PPro till maybe one day….

    BTW It was a sad day when Apple adopted Intel over PPC chips. My tower(s) never ran better or without incident before that day. I know they had to, it’s just a shame.

  4. @Travis, I don’t think Stephen is referring to the cost of the new software, but rather the dollar lost in potential problems with a dot 1 release. Time is money, and if you don’t meet a deadline, that can be money lost on a return client, etc. It’s a domino effect. Which brings up a good point, do you roll the dice on a dot 1 release on a very important money making project?

    1. Steve, I understand that, but it would make no sense to depend on this release for your projects on day one. I was referring to him saying “there is no way in HELL i will be buying the first release of this … if ever. coupled with a new operating system ?”. If you can’t afford to at least try out a 300 dollar piece of software that could potentially strengthen your workflow, you are probably in the wrong business. I understand if my comment was a bit snarky,however, and I apologize.

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  6. Ah no worries mate! I know I for one will be testing it out. However, I will say I predict this to be much like ordering the iPhone 4, a web server fiasco. Don’t think the iTunes store is ready for this one.

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