Electric Skateboard and a CMR Blackbird Steadicam and an HDSLR!

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The folks over at OliviaTech posted this video over the weekend – the BTS for another video where they used an Electric Skateboard and a CMR Blackbird and an HDSLR! Pretty smooth [source: tweet]

Redrock Micro

The video

Steadicam + BlackBird + SkateBoard from Olivia Speranza on Vimeo.

Being the only experienced skateboarder in the group, here's a fun little video testing out the idea of using a custom skateboard combined with a Steadicam. Pretty windy this day and takes a bit of practice, but very promising and fun! We'll be going out practicing again.

More information about our setup at oliviatech.com/steadicam-blackbird-electric-skateboard

The background

The idea is to cover a lot of ground, move fast, and use a Steadicam setup. Chasing a moving subject with a Steadicam can wear a person out pretty quick. We needed something that could cover different terrains from gravel, dirt, grass, and uneven ground. A Segway would be perfect, but outside of normal budgets. The Segway is also very large, heavy, and would need a way to transport it to a location. This custom electric skateboard seemed like the perfect idea to try out for a hands free way of moving quickly. We’re using a Steadicam Merlin vest to carry the weight of the BlackBird Video Camera stabilizer (fits perfectly with no modifications). This makes it easy to carry the stabilizer and control the board with the handheld remote.

Blogger's Disclaimer: CMR used to be a planet5D sponsor, but we'll print all sorts of HDSLR related news – just let us know!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. When God handed out HOT, Olivia, was given an added dose! And I mean that with the utmost respect!

  2. The only thing that could make Olivia hotter would be if she were a tech geek.
    Oh wait….

  3. Why does the footage wiggle and distort so much, it’s like so incredibly disturbing. It’s probably ok on a 720 screen, but any bigger and I’d be getting seasick.

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