Anya Marina’s “Felony Flats” music video with the behind the scenes

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Bill Frakes and Laura Heald and Imaginarium Video recently created a new music video for Anya Marina's “Felony Flats” and while they were at it, they created a behind the scenes video showing how they used Cinevate's sliders and other motion equipment. Recently, I've been learning about sliders (which you'll read about in another post soon) and if you're in the same boat, you'll want to look at plenty of examples to learn how the masters are doing it – and this is a beautiful example.

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I actually watched the BTS before seeing the music video and I think it helped me to spot all the different movements… so I'm going to present it first.

Cinevate's Sliders and Dollies – A Music Video BTS from Cinevate on Vimeo.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Bill Frakes and Laura Heald, Imaginarium and Anya Marina during the music video production of Anya Marina's Felony Flats.

It was a great opportunity for us to showcase a variety of applications for just about every camera slider and dolly that Cinevate makes.

Cinevate would like to thank…
Bill and Laura
Anya Marina

Anya Marina's Felony Flats music video

Anya Marina – Felony Flats from Cinevate on Vimeo.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. With all the tracks they could achieve a bit more. And again we down to editing. I mean the behind the scenes looks much cooler then music video itself, music video its way too static, so what is the point of buying all this equipement if you do not have any action. Well the answer is clear, this is crap equipement, it literally gives you 1 metter moving distance (cos you need to cut the start and the end of the movement). The only shot that was really good was the one with a ballare dolly, and editor used it so little.
    I think its time for people to start making real films with message instead of looking for all this ‘best equipement’ and fail to deliver content.
    I think wheal chair is still the best one out there. either buy pro, or dont buy this semi pro equipement is all just an illusion.

  2. This was fantastic,your efforts have been totally appreciated,the singer is a wonderful performer and you have proven you are a talent,i bet Anya is thrilled to have her talent exposed so well,i know of ”famous” and ”successful” directors who made Jibs and Dolly tracks out of wood just to get the shot,Peter Jackson of ”Frighteners” ”Meet the Feeble’s”,…oh and ”Lord of the rings ” ”The Lovely Bones” etc inspired ALOT of us here in New Zealand with just this type of ”get the shot without all the pretentious name brand equipment” mentality,now i work in his team,we still make up rigs out of odds and ends as its not always ready at hand,so congrats please post more and wish the talented singer all the best from me,Kia Kaha [stay strong]

  3. Im not saying Cinevate gear is pretentious,i was just referring to comment from the above gentleman’s opinion about ‘SemiPro” gear vs ‘Pro”, i agree it would be great to have all the toys,Cinevate isnt semi pro at all,its top of the line,but really how much gear do you really need to make a good project?

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