An open source light – want to help build it?

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Here's an interesting idea: open source lighting – sure you've heard of open source software and now, here's a project from Rift Labs where they're trying to get new photographic lighting built for photographers and movie makers – with the main use being video with constant light output.

Redrock Micro

First, watch the video:

Invert the polarity of the neutron flow! from Morten Hjerde on Vimeo.

We are developing an intelligent digital light source for HDSLR photography at

We are developing a new generation of Open Source photo hardware. Come visit us at if you are into photography or video and want to have a look.

We wanted to let you know about a new intelligent digital light for HDSLR being developed at Rift Labs.

This is developed as open source hardware, the design files, the firmware, and the schematics are posted on the site.

The development process is ongoing and we are inviting other photographers to take part in co-creating. Discuss features, make suggestions and vote on designs.

The site is just launched a couple of days ago (be gentle!). Everything isn't nice and tidy just yet, but we are working on it. Our ambition is to develop a next generation of intelligent digital lights for ourselves and other photographers. And we want to spread the word 🙂

The first product in development (codename Floyd) has a panel form factor and a number of cool features:

  • True color light. Can emit light of ‘any' color and color temperature
  • Built in color-meter for manual or automatic color temperature adjustment
  • Built in electronic filters
  • Aluminium body for strength and ruggedness
  • Light weight and bright
  • Easy to use, with a color LCD screen for user feedback
  • USB port for accessories and firmware updates
  • Sync port for flash and frame triggers
  • This is a platform device with an ARM microprocessor (the kind that powers your mobile phone). It can communicate, be updated, expanded, etc.
  • And lots more to come

Here are a few pointers to more info:

More about the features

(cover photo credit: snap from the site)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses


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