NAB Wednesday Summary

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A summary of just some of my thoughts from NAB and my wednesday adventures on the NAB 2011 show floor.

Our NAB review coming next Monday

Next Monday, we'll be starting a series of live UStream broadcasts and first up will be Jem Schofield from – and we'll be doing a wrap-up discussion about NAB 2011. I'll have another post later in the week to remind you but wanted to announce it in the NAB coverage itself.

Redrock Micro

Other coverage and a new DIGIC V chip

First, as i mentioned several times before i came to NAB, our coverage wasn't planned to bring you a ton of videos from the show floor during the show itself – it is just too hard to do for a one man crew and it is too time consuming – removing me from the floor to upload etc just reduces the amount of ‘networking time'. However, if you do want to see some very good coverage, visit – i've been with Tony and Sean and they're doing it very well… they'll likely have more than 40 videos from the floor when they're done. They should also have a video with a breakfast conversation we had yesterday talking about coverage of the show along with Koo from

Oh, and i've just briefly read this report on the a new version of the DIGIC chip from canon

Wednesday notes

Had a great conversation with Chuck Westfall from Canon. We didn't record it as there really isn't too much real news that we haven't already posted from Canon lately (the new technicolor EOS stuff and the new PL cinema lenses). It is always fun to talk to one of the top guys in Canon USA.

Speaking of the Technicolor announcement from earlier (last week?). This is more than just a new picture style. Canon and Technicolor have worked together to tweak some of the firmware internals to give more access to the way the camera records the video so that they can specifically hook into some of the professional level tools that Technicolor has for working on the set and in post production. This will NOT be something the average moviemaker will be using. You may like the picture style, but the real impacts are for the high end moviemakers working with the Technicolor production tools.

Oh, there was a Red Scarlet spotted walking around the show floor as well – i think i got a couple of snaps.

I spent time with Camera Motion Research talking and trying out their BlackBird steadicam system… will be posting a video about this later. It has one of the nicer balancing systems – it is very simple to learn to balance and operate (tho it does take practice)

Also spent time with our friends (and sponsors) Cinevate and got a preview of the new SmallHD monitor and EVF as well as the Cineroid EVF. For HDSLR fans, it feels like this is the year of the EVF.

Oh, and of course we talked to Brian from Redrock Micro about their follow focus that they announced last year – we used the nearly completed unit – which will be available now on June 15th! It is very responsive and we can't wait to give one a try before then to report back to you.

We bumped into Rodney Charters as well who was running around the floor in a rush between speaking gigs at the Canon booth.

In summary – for me, it was another very fun day of networking – so many people noticed my planet5D shirt and wanted to come up and say hi! It is so wonderful meeting all of you who had the chance to be there this year and i wish that more of you could come by next year! I am so thankful for each and every one of you who stops in to read planet5D! You are the reason i'm doing all of this!

And i also wish i was staying another day but alas i have to cut the trip short due to family visiting us back at the planet5D world headquarters so i'm jetting home today.

Note: some of the folks we visited and posted links to above are sponsors.

(cover photo credit: snap from the NAB site)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses

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