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Welcome to the planet5D NAB coverage live blog. The data below will be updated periodically during the show as we find some cool stuff. You can stay on this page and it will automatically update (not a refresh of the whole page) as I post updates. They will be in time-reverse order – the latest updates are on top.

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Ok, so the live blog plugin keeps failing horribly on me – so i'll just try to post updates the old fashioned way.

End of day summary:

wow what a day!

was a real blessing to be on the @mostlyLisa Mostly Photo show today! Got to take the Zacuto EVF, the Redrock Micro iphone version of the microRemote, stuff from, showed the Letus Hawk, and the NastyClamps… everyone was a real pleasure to work with and it was a joy to be asked to be on. A real treat!

if you saw the show, please let me know what you thought!

First time today i was in the South Hall where a lot of the production stuff is – good golly there were more people there than in the central hall! It was insane! And, RED was there – briefly walked by their booth trying to find the show – they're giving tattoos in their booth! Crazy!

I'm sorry that you guys aren't getting a whole ton of reports out of me – i really thought i'd be able to so some live blogging or at least more tweeting… but it is just non-stop action. I am blessed that just about every time i turn around someone else is wanting to talk to me that is a planet5D fan – and i certainly want to take time to talk to all of you!

I have also been talking with vendors and have a couple of interviews in the cards but i haven't been focussing on just that – i feel that the networking aspect of the show is so vital – both to meet those of you who are able to be at the show and to take time to talk with the vendors in depth about what they're doing and where they're going. We'll be doing a lot more live interviews where i think you'll get a lot more details about their thoughts than if we just shoot a short bit at the show. There's nothing wrong with the short ones – don't get me wrong, but i'm happy to be able to be getting commitments from folks to be online with you and i to discuss details and to let you guys have the chance to ask questions!

more on that to come!

I'm off to yet another party with Kessler tonight!

Don't forget that i'll be on the @mostlyLisa show at 1pm PDT – 4pm EDT – live at

so sorry about yesterday's live blog – epic fail there – don't know why it wasn't working. Spent so much time testing to make sure it would work and then failure. And i was so busy yesterday i was lucky i made time for lunch (tweeted a photo with me and Kevin Shaninian). With the HDSLR meet up and with the AllInFilm poker match in the evening, i literally walked from one thing to another and didn't get back to the hotel until midnight +

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