Thales Angenieux new Optimo S35mm Cinematography lens

Angenieux adds 45-120mm Optimo – has Canon and Nikon HDSLR mounts

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ANGENIEUX ADDS 45-120MM TO THEIR OPTIMO LINE – bringing in new mounts as well for Nikon and Canon HDSLRs.

Thales Angenieux new Optimo S35mm Cinematography lens

Thales Angenieux new Optimo S35mm Cinematography lens

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From Matthew Duclos's post

(Matthew's post also has another image of the lens mounts and more info)

Angenieux has long been the standard for cinema zoom lenses and certainly isn’t stopping anytime soon. NAB brings out the best in new lens manufacturers (and sometimes the worst) so Angenieux took the opportunity to announce their new addition to the Optimo series of lenses. This time it’s a 45-120mm. A little on the longer end of an all-purpose zoom, this will share a lot of the same features as the other light weight zooms like the 15-40mm and the 28-76mm Optimo. It will cover a full Super 35mm sensor/film utilizing a 31.4mm image circle and will feature an interchangeable mount with options for PL, Panavision, Nikon F, and Canon Eos.

Press Release

here's the Angenieux page on the new lens

Angenieux unveiled a new Optimo S35mm Cinematography lens at NAB 2011.

Featuring a zoom ratio of 2.7x and a fast aperture of T2.8 (wide open), the new Optimo 45-120mm Zoom Lens weighs only 4.3 lbs (less than 2 kg) making it an ideal lens for hand-held or steadicam work.

Short enough for handheld cameras, steadicam or crane, long enough to capture that perfect close up, the Optimo 45-120mm is truly a new tool in cinematographer's palette.

The new Optimo 45-120mm is designed with similar specifications as the award winning family of 15-40mm and 28-76mm lightweight Optimo lenses. It perfectly complements the other lightweight Optimo zooms to create a unique, 3 zoom lens system with total combined focal range of 15-120mm.

[source – illya friedman tweet which sent us to Matthew Duclos's post]

(cover photo credit: snap from the Angenieux site)

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