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Wind Noise on your HDSLR? Introducing Micro Windjammers from Rycote

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While not ideal for audio, the internal mics on HDSLRs and other cameras are very susceptible to wind noise and sometimes, they're the only microphone you have available. Rycote now has an option for you to put a ‘dead cat' muffler on your internal mic deadening that horrid wind noise – called Micro Windjammers.

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Description from Rycote

Even the smallest compact cameras allow you to shoot high-quality video these days — but if you’ve ever tried filming outdoors on a blustery day, you’ll know that the wind can wreck your perfectly composed soundtrack in a matter of seconds.

Rycote have been making windjammers for professional broadcasters and film-makers for over four decades. Our new Micro Windjammers provide easy-to-fit, all-in-one wind protection for your camera’s built-in microphone, giving you great-sounding audio whatever the weather!

The Micro Windjammers are available in individual packs, or boxes of 25 individual packs. Each individual pack contains 30 stickies and 6 grey fur discs.


  • Reduce wind noise on your camera videos with these easy-to-fit Micro Windjammers!
  • Protect integrated microphones found on HDSLR cameras, HD camcorders and compact cameras.
  • An essential piece of kit for all your outdoors recordings!


Blogger's Disclaimer: we have no relationship at the time of this writing with Rycote… we just love publishing cool HDSLR stuff

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  1. Made one of these myself for next to nothing with just a little Velcro and a scrap of fuzzy fabric I had lying around. I call it my Camera Merkin. It actually works quite well but I get a lot of teasing from my fellow shooters.

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