onOne DSLR Camera Remote – a cool way to control your HDSLR with an iPad

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A few weeks ago, we got a copy of the onOne DSLR Camera Remote for iPad and let me say right off the bat it is pretty cool – not perfect, but still cool. We decided the best way to produce a review was to record a podcast – and the video below was entirely recorded with the onOne software.

We showed you several different ways to accomplish this a couple of weeks ago: “Awesome ways an iPad/iPhone can be your DSLR / HDSLR remote control” and “Canon EOS 5D Mark II wirelessly shooting the Space Shuttle with an Apple iPad

The new DSLR Camera Remote HD is a new and separate application from the original and only works on the iPad. DSLR Camera Remote HD includes all of the features of the original iPhone app but includes the video start/stop/monitor functionality and has a newly designed interface that takes advantage of the larger screen of the iPad.

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My review

I won't repeat everything that was included in the podcast – however, I will re-stress one thing that I really hope they fix in future versions of the software. There really should be an option to not transfer recordings to the server! The amount of time that takes just really slows down the whole process. It should be ok to record a video and leave it on the CF / SC card in the camera. Pretty please?

Note: Since I wrote this, I have been communicating with the onOne team and they responded to my request:

“I heard back from our product team and they have definitely heard this request loud and clear. They hope that it will be included in the next release but, as I'm sure you've heard before, we can't commit that it will be.”

As I mentioned in the video, I did have trouble connecting every now and then with my iPad and that was frustrating. Usually, shutting down the iPad and restarting took care of it.

I'm also kind of torn the more I've thought about it about the price. For someone with a studio or someone making a movie, the $50 price might be a ‘no brainer' since it is like having a remote control away from the camera. However, I can also see that $50 can be a bit high for iPad applications and onOne might get more sales if the price were lower. I'm not great in pricing so I don't know. What do you guys think?

Pros and Cons!


  • Great tool for doing setups from strange angles or when difficult to see LCD
  • Simple user interface
  • Lots of Canon and Nikon models supported
  • Best tool on the market


  • I had trouble connecting some times to the server
  • Can't record just to the CF/SD card – have to wait for videos to transfer to server
  • Video refresh rate is slow on the iPad
  • transfers of stills can take as long as 10 seconds
  • I had trouble with the intervalometer option

Cali Lewis iPhone review

Cali Lewis did an overview of the iPhone version of the app when it was released – thought you might like to see what she had to say (and she's better to look at than me!). Note that the onOne website indicates that the iPhone version does not allow you to start and stop video recording – so you have to have the iPad version if you want to do that!


The iPad version was just released a few weeks ago and based on my testing, it is good, but not yet perfect. You may want to wait for the next release. However, that said, it is darn cool to be able to manage your shooting remotely with an iPad and many of you will need something like this eventually.

Blogger's Disclaimer: We were provided a copy of the onOne DSLR Remote in return for this review – but that doesn't stop me from begging them to include an option to just save the videos to the HDSLR card!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. I’m guessing they HAVE to store the images/movies on the computer as that is how their server software can push them out to the iPad. Camera to computer. Computer to iPad.

    And I agree the price is a bit high.

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