Ice Climbing Behind The Scenes with Tyler Stableford and Bruce Dorn

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We met Tyler Stableford (Canon Explorer of Light) last year at the Canon Expo (and we plan to have him on soon as a planet5D live guest!) and we also met Bruce Dorn (Canon Explorer of Light) last year – so we thought we'd show you this little video Bruce put together while watching Tyler do what he does. This came from Bruce's blog.

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Behind The Scenes with Tyler Stableford from iDC Photo Video on Vimeo.

A behind the scenes look with a top adventurer photographer and videographer at work.

I recently traveled to Carbondale, Colorado (just outside of Aspen) to document one of my fellow Explorers at work. Canon Explorer of Light, Tyler Stableford, an Action/Adventure shooter of considerable talent, recently shot some compelling ice climbing sequences for the outdoors clothing manufacturer, Patagonia.

My crew couldn’t be there to document that particular day of shooting but we traveled to Colorado shortly thereafter. While enjoying a lower-pressure day of playing on the ice, Tyler shared an insightful glimpse of the action behind the scenes.

Assistant Kiersa and I hiked to the base of the frozen falls to document Tyler and his team busily at work. Tyler Stableford’s skillful second-shooter is Draper White and his dedicated sound person is Stefanie Kilts. Great filmmaking names, huh?

All footage was captured with Canon’s fabulous HDSLRs and iDC’s uber light-weight and very sexy SYSTEM ZERO.


We really need to get our hands on the iDC System Zero!

And to see something else we have posted about Tyler Stableford – see this cool post “Shooting F-16 Fighter Pilots with the 1D Mark IV and 5D Mark II

Blogger's Disclaimer: we have no financial relationship with iDC

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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