DIY HDSLR automated timelapse and slider rig from Greg Royar

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We've been chatting with Greg Royar (site cinema-works) about his HDSLR DIY automated timelapse and slider rig that he's put together over in the planet5D HDSLR chat room off and on and now, he's put together a quick demo and has graciously let us share it with you! In total, Greg spent “about $450 with the random bolts/washers and everything added in.”

Redrock Micro

DIY Automated Timelapse/Slider from Greg Royar on Vimeo.

I decided I wanted to make an automated slider/timelapse rig, but didn't want to pay the hefty cost that some of the manufacturers charge. I did some reasearch and found all the parts I would need to create my own. Here is a list of parts you will need if you decide that you want to make your own as well.


Igus DryLin® W1040-A $91 shipped

(alternate rail that can be used: DryLin® W1080-A Linear Motion System for Camera Sliders
WT001H Ball Head $23 Shipped
4′ Timing belt
A 6R25M240090
Timing Pulley
A 6A25M017DF0908
Belt Clamp x2
A 6M55M090

$51 Shipped
Dayton 8.75 RPM Gear Motor: $55 Shipped
MX2 Controller With Camera Cable
Aluratek Universal 12V / 1.5A Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack

The top plate is a rectangular piece of aluminum with a hole cut out to mount the ball head, and the platform that the rail is bolted to is a saw horse from home depot that I cut the top off of. The two idler bearings are just skateboard wheel bearings that are spaced out with washers. The end pieces are square tubing.

Any questions or comments let me know!

User:CinemaWorks on Twitter

Our thanks to Greg for sharing his work with all of you! What do you think?

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Sweet rig,
    I picked up the same rail and a couple of pulleys, a bit more $ but it is sweet. You answered my questions about how to move it.
    Thank you

  2. Great work Greg. I would never dream of getting my mind round to assembling something similar on my own. Kudos to guys like you.
    What would have been absolutely perfect, is a little clip of you actually showing us the different parts you bought and actually assembling them. A sort of ‘stupid proof’ tutorial for guys like me 🙂
    Once again, great work.

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