Bui Brothers to present an HDSLR video workflow interactive webinar this Thursday

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Sorry for the late notice about this Bui Brothers DSLR video workflow interactive webinar this Thursday – but we just found out about it today – and as it turns out, this was to be private event, but the bros decided to make it public just today. So if you're available, you can sign up and attend this webinar for a mere $49!

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Bui Brothers description

We've put together a 3-hour DSLR video workflow webinar to compliment some of the talks and workshops we've done recently. We talk about cameras, lenses, accessories… but there is never enough time in person to teach people our post processing, so this is how we've decided to do it.

We'll cover everything that happens AFTER you've captured your amazing or sometimes not-so-amazing footage as well as audio (sometimes together, sometimes separate)… from the moment you plug your CF into the card reader until the finished product being posted online. We'll be working on a Mac, and the focus will be on Final Cut, but we will also go over the basics of iMovie, which we use for some quick edits or sometimes when we're in a hurry and on the road.

Some of the things we'll cover:

  • properly import and backup CF cards
  • using EOS plugin to log and import your footage
  • creating easy setups
  • working in the proper framerates
  • creating proper sequences
  • using Pluraleyes
  • basic iMovie workflow including Dualeyes
  • exporting for web

WHY A WEBINAR? Webinars allow us to keep the price LOW. No one needs to travel and there is no location to deal with. We'll also be taking and answering questions throughout the webinar, which makes it better than a DVD or video download. You'll get your questions answered as though you're in person but from the comfort of your home. Also, this way everyone can be in their underwear without the awkwardness that would accompany such a thing in person.


So there you go, since you have nothing to do on Thursday, why not learn something?

WHAT: 3-hour DSLR workflow webinar
WHEN: Thursday, February 17th 7pm-10pm PST
WHERE: Your computer, anywhere
WHO: This webinar is geared towards beginners to DSLR video.

For those of you needing a little help converting to or from GMT for your time zone, use this GMT conversion site to help

(cover photo credit: snap from the bui bros site)

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