Nino Leitner (@ninoleitner) live interview podcast now online

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What fun we had yesterday with our friend Nino Leitner and all of our planet5D friends in Europe who were able to tune in to the planet5D live interview! Well, even tho we had Internet connection problems, we managed to have a great conversation and the folks in the UStream chat room asked a lot of questions. You can watch the replay below or you can download it on iTunes!

Nino added to HDSLR news

Oh – one more thing – we've added Nino's blog to the HDSLR news page! So now, you can catch his latest ramblings every day when you're reading the other HDSLR news!

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The podcast

And I do have to apologize for the quality on this one – because of the connection issues, we down graded the stream and restarted the broadcast so the video quality isn't so great on this one. We have contacted the Internet folks and they're on their way out to make sure we have a great connection for this Sunday's live interview!

Our thanks again to Nino! Can't wait to meet him face to face in Vegas at the NAB conference!

Oh, and one more thing – the Shane Hurlbut Adobe presentation I mentioned in the podcast is here


this Sunday – Trammell Hudson!

planet5D live with Trammell Hudson Live Interview on planet5D Sunday January 30th 9pm EST

please join us for this live interview where you get to ask the questions!

For those of you needing a little help converting to or from GMT for your time zone, use this GMT conversion site to help

(cover photo credit: snap from the planet5D podcast)

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