Nino Leitner Live Interview on planet5D Thursday January 27th 8pm CET

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Note: We've changed the time to 8pm CET – sorry for the earlier mistake!

A treat for Europeans, we're going to have special guest Nino Leitner for our planet5D Live Interview on Thursday January 27th 6pm 8pm CET – that's Central European Time – which is GMT +1. Nino Leitner is a film director, DP and producer born in Innsbruck/Austria who studied film and video production in Salzburg and the United Kingdom. He specializes mainly in documentaries, commercials and image films. Nino has been active on twitter (@ninoleitner) as well posting his knowledge about HDSLRs

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planet5D live with /me Nino Leitner Live Interview on planet5D Thursday January 27th 8pm CET Leitner

please join us for this live interview where you get to ask the questions!

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nino leitner


Who is Nino Leitner?

View one of Nino's videos we highlighted on planet5D cinema

One of his major works is the feature-length documentary “Every Step You Take” (A/E/UK 2007) that exposed the weird inner workings of the massive video surveillance / CCTV schemes covering every corner of the UK. It gained quite some media attention, was featured at film festivals around the globe and won several awards. Nino currently has a new feature documentary in early development.

In February 2009, Nino got the rare chance to test the then-upcoming Canon EOS 550D (or Rebel T2i, as it is called in the US) extensively before any other filmmakers around the world could get it into their hands. He shot the test short “FEBRUARY”, which has been watched almost 250,000 times so far, converting uncountable doubters to 550D owners. He started his blog at the same time, propelling it to the top of the league immediately. Since then, he has focused on gear reviews for DSLR filmmakers, which made the blog to one of the most trusted sources for DSLR filmmakers.

Nino Leitner making a movie

Nino Leitner making a movie

(cover photo credit: snap from Nino)

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