Archive of the Patrick Moreau chat now online as a podcast!

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UPDATE: This is an update of a post from last August – we've edited and reposted the video. The original video had a bad start because we had some setup issues. So we've edited out all that stuff as fixing a bit of the audio (I hope).

Our thanks again to Patrick and we're looking forward to this week's live interviews with Nino Leitner and Trammell Hudson (author of Magic Lantern)!


Patrick Moreau from stillmotion was a wonderful guest this evening! We did start out with a few more technical issues – I thought I had everything really nailed down about the audio and it turns out that there was still an echo (which isn't in the recording) – but we got started a few minutes late. Anyway, we had a great 2 hour conversation about HDSLR, weddings, the NFL, cameras, gear, learning, seminars, the future of cameras etc. You've got to listen in when you have time.

Part 1

part 2

I really enjoyed hearing Patrick's opinion on the HDSLR form factor and how it lets him do things because people seem to think he's invisible because he's not carrying a huge camera body. Cool stuff.

I'm sorry for starting out flustered, but don't let the first 2 – 3 minutes scare you away, the 2 hour conversation beats out the shaky start!

And, we've got some other great guests coming up – don't have firm dates yet, but keep an eye on this space!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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