4k hack firmware for Canon Rebel T2i/550D coming on Jan 1? *update 5 1/1

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Found this on Philip's blog – thought it was significant enough to report to you… user Earz62801 on youtube has posted that he'll be delivering a firmware hack to allow the Canon Rebel T2i/550D (reviews) to record video in 2k, 3k, and 4k at 24fps. Since it comes out of the blue, who knows whether this is valid or a prank. We'll have to see.

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Updates at bottom of post!

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There isn't really much to learn yet other than what is in the teaser (below) – we've contacted the author to see if we can get some additional info and as we do we'll update this post. Since it is pure rumor at this point, who knows if it is true and what this can even do – and whether there's a chance of overheating LOL.

oh, and it isn't related to Magic Lantern as far as we know.

Here's a screen snap from the video showing the back of the Canon Rebel T2i/550D and the firmware setup:

4k Firmware for the Canon T2i 550d

4k Firmware for the Canon T2i 550d


Not much in this teaser video but thought you should see…


1) got a reply (Philip got a similar reply as well)

“I checked out your blog. I will admit when we first started to work on this firmware a little over two months ago, the overheating was an issue. We were actually missing some steps. But When Magic lantern came out, it opened our eyes and then we filled in the missing steps. Last night was the first night we've slept in 6 days haha.

We've come to the conclusion that the processor for the t2i wasn't exactly opened up to it's full potential. Kinda like a kids dirtbike with a limiter on it. Opening it up was like watching a flower bloom.

Whatever questions you have, send them my way. I'll try to get more technical without giving anything away. “

2) New comments on the youtube page:

“QA: You Can run your Magic lantern at the same time. Although Qscale cannot be used. AGC on Lantern can be used with this firmware.

You must, and I mean MUST..get all of your iso, fstop settings and what not…ready. Then you have to input the same settings into our firmware before you do anything.

There's a feature in our fimware called memory card control. The firmware will adjust the bitrate(constant) to whatever class memory card you are using. There are 3 brands of memory card that work with this firmware and that's after testing over 50 other memory cards. Sandisk Extreme III class 10 8gb and above. Transcend class 10 16gb and above and Lexar Pro class 10 32gb. Class 6 cards will work, but only up to 3k filming. 4k just won”t happen. Just stick with the same brands.
Using a Sandisk Extreme III class 10 32gb card gave these results.

2k: 175mb/s = 91 seconds of footage
3k: 175mb/s = 32 seconds of footage
4k: 175mb/s = 6 seconds of footage.
Note: Lowering the bitrate for 4k does not give you extra recording time. This is something that we have to work out. Also, you will not be able to shoot 4k in 45mb/s. It must be 65mb/s and above.

For those of you worry about heat…trust me, at first that was an issue but now… It's not. We've actually put our own limiter in the firmware so that way everyone doesn't brick their cameras.

I'll be answering more questions through out the day.”

3) Another reply to my questions:

“Starting from the bottom up haha. 4gig cards for 4k won't happen. We've built the firmware that way. You have to use 8gb and above. Out of the 50+ memory cards we've used, We came up with 3 brands that offer superior performance. Sandisk Extreme III 32bg class 10 is best suitable. Second to that is Transcend Class 10 16gb and above. Lastly, Lexar Pro class 10 32gb.

Everyone is thinking…'HOW?” That's what we thought at first. How can you shoot 4k, heck how can you shoot 2k at 175mb/s using only an SDHC class 10 card? Well…it wasn't an easy task.

We are going to charge for it after we release 1.03 in one month. So 1.04 will be $50. Why? Because we add framerates.”

4) New video to show that it isn't a fake?

5) This update from Philip Bloom (read more on his blog) on 1/1 at noon EST.

“I have just had an email from the shooter who was told by Ronald Aiello on that very long USTREAM that he had chosen him “as he was doing good work” to be given the firmware last night to shoot with and post footage. Well I have just heard from Luke that he has told me he didn’t get it as they told him they had been “bought out by Canon” for $650,000. Whether this is true or not I don’t know. I am simply reporting what has been told to me. THEN poor Luke has dragged into this sorry saga was contacted again saying they had told Canon it was not enough!”

Luke also posted this on his youtube page:

Dod3032 – I still haven't gotten the firmware. Not sure if this means it's a hoax or not. Maybe they just didn't want me to have it first. I, for one, will not be holding my breath waiting for it because I have already wasted enough time on these guys.

Still…I hope it's real.

Twixtor tutorial to come soon 🙂

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. If this is legit, I may have to get myself a 550D. We’ll find out in the next 2 days though. Fingers crossed that it is legit, being able to film 4K with such an inexpensive camera would be amazing. I’d like to know how they’re obtaining the 4K image and if it will create heating problems for the 550D.

  2. The video shows for an instance the camera lcd with a menu, however it is wobbling which indicates me of a bad tracking with compositing software such as AE, hence => there is no such firmware and a pure prank. But a such a feature would have been nice:)

  3. If using the processor to it’s full advantage opens up 2/3/4k resolution on the 550d. Would extra frames per second also be possible @ 720p? Like 120 frames per second, for more slowmotion.

  4. I’ll pay $50 for it – no prob, thats cheap. All the investment will go into the . Sandisk Extreme III 32bg class 10 cards.

    But I am not sure that “4k: 175mb/s = 6 seconds of footage.” will be very useful.

  5. It’s very cool to asume that this will be posible, but 6 seg 4K recording? how much better (if it’s real) can it really get?
    Why T2i/550D?? nor 5D mkII??
    I also think, as Daniel, that this is more prank looking than other thing.
    If hacker around the world are getting the best of cameras by a firmware hack, why Canon don’t “listen” to what people are asking for and release something like a “5C nema” with a 14 MegaPix sensor for both, video and photo giving up a true 4K and being able to use 64GB CF UDMA cards, with and EVIL system that allow PL mount without mod with all the benefits of hacked firmware (zebra, historygram, audio levels while recording, and so on) plus some high frame rates at 2K and they’ll be kings! But a guess that’s too much to ask

    1. The same reason Canon doesn’t listen to its users and re-introduce for example eye controlled focus from the 90’s film cameras. Why go all out when you can have small incremental upgrades and people would still buy it. 🙁

      1. Plus the advantages of taking money from you every month… It’s like (for iPads) how come that an iPod Touch has two cameras in that little body and iPads got none?… easy! they take money from you with the first version but when the second one come with a camera/s you (most people) will try to buy and replace the first one. It’s more rental than launching a fully first version.
        I really asume that Canon might have tech to support a “Cine Alta Gamma” like 4K film for the DSRL’s cameras, but why give it away now when they can make money througth several years making little techs increments (like 60D’s, wich I bought… but that’s another tale)

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  7. This is HUGE if true, 3K and 4K at high bit rates, even if shot length has to be managed is a game changer, that will be a blessing in post work. Imagine the comping and grading options it opens up!

    Amazing what can be done with these little wonders!

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  10. We posted this on PP, but we appreciate the big efforts of Planet5D, and do know LOT of people read it (hopefully some Canon managers too), so here we post almost the same text, just to encourage Canon to give what most users are requesting:

    Hacking Firmware of EOS T2i/550D is the option that remains when the manufacturer DENIES improvements that CAN be implemented without hardware change (but firmware related).

    But what about much more expensive HDSLRs like 5D Mark II? (encryption difficulties? hmm, contact us)

    IF Canon is SO reluctant to improve their current cameras, even to keep them “fresh”, make them more competitive and get a constant profit (especially the more expensive ones), then the hack is THE way that lot of people will naturally choose to get the HUGE potential these cameras have inside, that the manufacturer intentionally denies.

    It would be great to see more people hacking firmware to give more features to the users, BUT obviously it would be MUCH greater to see CANON DOING the good job instead.

    Again, once you really know and understand the huge potential these cameras have inside, you can’t simply live with a crippled one! It’s unacceptable.

    We have received lot of users messages asking for help to get improvements for both 5D Mark II and 7D…


    LIST of Fixes & Improvements for 5D Mark II (some also apply to 7D):


    An additional feature that is basic (even before the 5D Mark II release): Selectable Recording Bit Rate (at least some “quality” options, like MANY P&S cameras do have).


    You can charge for special upgrades if you want. But please do it, because you CAN.

    A huge amount of people is waiting, requesting and WILLING TO PAY a reasonable price for some firmware upgrades, but not willing to simply buy a newer camera to get some improvements that CAN be implemented on current DSLRs via firmware upgrades.

    EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 7D are simply too expensive to be left aside.

    Best regards.


  11. Ok, so the wobble is from the shitty camera you are shooting and not trakked in. BUT(!) this doesn’t change the fact that this is a prank/scam. Obviously what you have done was created a firmware looking menu in photoshop, saved as a series of jpg’s, and just playing them from the camera as if that actually works. This guy is a laughing at all of us and wasting more time on after effects making promos for his imaginable firmware than actually writing code. Though i must say you’ve created yourself an audience that will toast you on new years eve not knowing you are shitting them. Touché

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  13. 2k through 4k refers to VERTICAL lines. Not like 1080p which refers to horizontal lines. 2k is very very close to 1080p, so why create firmware that includes 2k as an option? I’ll put my money on the naysayers and assume this is a prank.

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  15. Is fake, it is just images edited and uploaded to the camera, then he moves throug the images faking the menu, he doesn’t press the menu botton.

    there is a 16k firmware video hoax you can se him mess it up navigating through the images.

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