Live from the Canon EXPO 2010

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The public sessions for the Canon EXPO 2010 start today. Yesterday was for VIPs (hmmm… how do i get into that group?) and today the show opens for everyone. I'm excited to be able to be there! It is a one block walk from my hotel and i'll be updating this post thru out the day – so keep an eye here and watch planetMitch on twitter.

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I'm sure you've watched for news posts about the EXPO on the planet5D HDLSR news page and there, you'll find a post by Philip Bloom about what he saw at the show yesterday. As well as our post about the Canon Press Release yesterday so this new 4k concept camera won't be a surprise, but i'll get a look at it today for you.

Watch this space for updates and on twitter.


Update at lunch:

Awesome morning walking around exploring. Met Vincent Laforet right off the bat and we talked about twitter and how we bloggers can do a better job of helping all of you out there. He's showing off his work somewhere today in one of the seminars. Also ran into Brian Valente from Redrock here. They've got a 3D rig being shown in the 3D section.

Have met a couple of twitter friends as well – @visualEdgeChris and @filmbot.

Had a really nice interview (which will be edited at home) with Chuck Westfall just before lunch. Then had lunch with Chuck and met Tyler Stableford (a Canon Explorer of Light). He's got a recent documentary shot on the 5D2 and the 1D that we'll likely be talking about in a future post – and he's agreed to do one of our live interviews!

Chuck also took me on a tour of the highlights of the show. There really is some amazing stuff that is going on here and much of it just won't show up (even with the quality of the 5D2) on the web. The 4k projectors and the 8k monitors are just unbelievably stunning. I want one of these 8k monitors! You can't even see the pixels with your eyeball inces from the screen.

Looking forward to the NYC HDSLR meet up later this evening… but there's a lot more to see and do on the show floor. More to come!

(Photo credit: snap from the Canon EXPO site )

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