Patrick Moreau-Monday 8/23 on planet5D Live! Don’t miss this and bring your friends!

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We've had a little summer vacation from the planet5D live! shows, but now it is time to start back up and we've got two amazing guests lined up – first up is Patrick Moreau from StillMotion fame. The second, we'll leave for another day to announce (tease!). I'm serious when I say you don't want to miss this one – Patrick has some incredible experience and stories and you and I are going to drag them out of him together.

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planet5D live chat with Patrick Moreau

Monday August 23rd, 9PM EDT

Patrick and I (and you!) will be chatting on the planet5D Live! page starting at 9pm EDT. And on UStream, you too can join in and ask questions in the chat window. We figured out how to open up the chat room so you don't have to register – so please come by to chat!

So, who is this Patrick Moreau and what is he working on that is so cool?

Well, first, we found Patrick had worked on the “City of Lakes” movie with Kevin Shahinian which was amazing in its own right. And Patrick's StillMotion team produces some wonderful and heartwarming wedding movies. Now, Patrick is working with the NFL! From making wedding movies to shooting high profile video for the NFL – amazing!

Here is a remix we did for the superbowl open” (unfortunately we don't have rights to share this here, please visit the link to view it.

“day two of the NFL combine 2010. we did a 90 second same day edit each day that was edited by 5PM, coloured and exported by 6PM and delivered by hand to the truck to go to air.” View on NFL site

And, a couple of weeks ago Patrick was on the plane with the New Orleans Saints winging their way to visit President Obama – here's Patrick's video of that event:

a trip with the saints to meet the president from stillmotion on Vimeo.

today, as i looked into my viewfinder, there was a moment when i thought i was actually watching a recording. i was shooting with a 135 and i could see the president rather large on my screen – it felt so surreal. i quickly snapped out of it, remembered that this was live and got back to it. those couple moments though were quite the experience.

this weekend i was asked to travel to new orleans so that i could film the journey of the saints into washington to meet the president as the culmination of their superbowl victory. the flight over wasn't a media event – that meant i had very little access but i was also the only one not on the team that could tag along. when we landed in DC, a motorcade guided the five buses to the hotel. it was quite the trek to be a part of.

the next morning, we headed over to the white house as the president delivered a couple remarks to the team and spent some time shaking their hands. being that this was a media event, we had very specific places we could be (it seems like you lose whether it is open or closed to the media…). somehow i got lucky and a perfect profile shot was completely open so i scooped it up. carrying the MKIV and a handful of primes, we covered the brief event as best we could considering we had about a one foot square in which to stand.

we were filming this whole journey as part of an episode for a new series called ‘the season' that we are filming for the nfl network. we are working with kevin shaw from as the director, and it was great to have somebody so enthused by DSLR technology (he shot second angle when we could) and so open to our ideas and philosophy. we will be travelling back to new orleans later this month to finish up the coverage for this first episode (which is expected to debut around mid-september). ‘the season' will focus on human interest stories related to the game of football. we are going to be checking out some pretty interesting places this year and i am excited for the stories we are getting a chance to tell.

on the tech side, we had to travel light because of all of the security at the white house. so i had one bag with me, a monopod, and a cinevate slider. we brought a pile of primes, and i am so glad i did. it slowed me down a tad but the imagery is so not broadcast. i had a 14/24/35/50/135 and a 1.4 telconvertor. i brought an extra monopod for the director, kevin shaw, who shot b-cam whenever possible. colored in apple color.

here is a quick clip from the weekend. music by ryan rebo, entitled ‘dizzy american', licensed through special thanks to brian at the nfl network for letting me publish this here. all footage is property of the NFLN.

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for wedding films, here is a recent same day edit that i am fond of,

mel + joel's sde // carrying your heart within my heart from stillmotion on Vimeo.

storytelling has become quite the buzz word of late within our industry. thrown around with terms like cinematic, film like, or hand made. of all of them, storytelling is the one i really feel the need to defend and would like to give our take on. to me a story isn't showing up and covering what happens, it isn't just an emotional film (though that certainly can happen when it is done effectively), and it certainly isn't a handful of cliche moments paired with a top 40 soundtrack and shots that are all too familiar. to us, and to me personally, storytelling is about something much deeper, and much more thought out (and i should say this is only one of many many opinions on this). it involves approaching your shoot with a fresh set of eyes. it involves not just capturing things as they happen but also finding a way to weave them together in a way that really reflects the essence of the people, the message, or the story you are trying to convey. it means being selective, it means being subjective, and it means interpretation. for us, it also means learning more about our couples and finding unique ways to interpret who they are and what they are about.

for mel and joel, that came through in many ways.

their are straightforward yet hidden things like the meaning behind her drinking tim horton's in the morning, or the symbolism behind the specific composition of mel and her mom back to back as they are getting their makeup done.

then their is the deeper story. a while ago, mel lost her brother justin. pretty much since then she has been wearing a necklace in memory of him and it never leaves her neck. on her wedding day she wanted to wear pearls, but that meant she had to take this necklace off. it was a very emotional moment for her, her mother, and everybody else there. as she took it off they also decided to pin it inside her dress so it would still be with her.

you'll notice that one of the first shots of mel, which was shot and chosen for this reason, shows this necklace. throughout the film their are other references to this and to justin and you can see it becomes a central part of their story.

mel is a teacher, so she is all about giving and sharing, and she is an english major, so she is very articulate and has a poem by EE cummings that her and joel tell each other as a representation of what they mean to each other. you will see that the big things we picked up on and covered throughout the day are related to these big things (and other things) about mel and joel, or they are building up the story for one of the next things coming. but, most importantly, they aren't random, they aren't standard, and they are in there just because they happened.

enjoy their piece. i hope that enlightens you somewhat about what goes on in our mind in the 3ish hours we have to put this same day edit together. this one is colored in FCP using entirely native filters.

music used with permission from kim taylor, and the song is ‘i am you'. you can find more of her music and her site here:


Patrick was also involved with Canon's Cinema Caravan – and one of the highlights (which we featured earlier) was their Lens Guide for weddings and events:

Quite the portfolio and Patrick will be an amazing guest that you don't want to miss on planet5D live!

(Photo credit: snap from the Lens Guide video)

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