HOUSE finale-Gale Tattersall and Greg Yaitanes chat with Canon

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Everyone knows now that the season finale of FOX's show “HOUSE” was shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) right? Well, today Canon has posted an interview with the DP and Director of the show, Gale Tattersall and Greg Yaitanes (respectively).

Redrock Micro

Here's a quick preview – it was shot by Patrick Moreau from StillMotion

Gale Tattersall and Greg Yaitanes on the House finale from stillmotion on Vimeo.

several weeks ago we got to head down to LA for cinegear and film this talk by greg and gale at the paramount theater. here is a short trailer we put together from their talk.

head over to canon's site if you would like to see the full talk:


Like Patrick said, you can see the entire interview at Canon's site – we can't show it to you here I'm afraid. Here's what Canon has posted: “Greg Yaitanes, Executive Producer and Emmy winning Director, and Gale Tattersall, Director of Photography of House M.D. share their experiences using EOS HD Video for a prime time television drama.

This premier seminar was given at Cine Gear Expo 2010 in the Paramount Theater, in front of an audience of dedicated specialists and professionals from the entertainment industry. “

(Photo credit: snap from the preview video)



  1. I would have to agree with the statement saying that whenever the 5D is pushed to it’s limits, it always comes out on top and delivers. We’ve used the 5D for several shoots/projects and it’s been a success each time. Great trailer. I’m heading over to Canon’s site to check out the full video.

  2. i Love that they keep talking about the none 1080 output (in the full video)
    this problem kills me on every shoot , when i have clients that want to see a monitor: you start rolling and it turns into a DV crap image.
    i got my Panasonic 8.4 HD monitor sharpness to 12 and i still can’t tell where’s the sweet spot is.
    If they fix that and also get read of the white square it would make our life’s so much easier

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