A new type of fashion film shot on Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Friend of planet5D Martin Reisch (@safesolvent on twitter) sent in a movie and he'd like some help if you think it is good – it is entered in a contest and I've messed up because the deadline to vote is in about 16 hours (I kept putting off the post not realizing there was a deadline – sorry Martin!).

Redrock Micro

Some friends and I just finished a film project that I thought might make a good post for planet5D since it’s shot on a 5D mark II.
Our goal was NOT to do a SLICK TRIPOD STEADYCAM GLIDECAM fashion video, but to do something more intimate and handheld.

We shot all with a 100mm F2.8 Canon lens, and a Joby Gorillapod used as a makeshift handheld grip… to fluidly move around!

We shot a short video on location in a miniature village near Quebec City, which was built by a man named Ernest whose life's work is making scale models of all sorts of buildings using recycled materials, like old tyres and even his wife's diabetic injection bottles!

Samples from Martin's movie

Our video is entered in a competition in Paris that Tavi Gevinson (14 year-old style blogger extraordinaire) will be judging, if we can get enough votes to make the final cut.

Voting ends this Friday, July 23rd, so we don't have much time!

People can watch and vote here

Read a little press release with some more info on the project below.

Ok, thanks a lot for helping us share our work! Please watch in HD 720p!

Press release

A Miniature Frolic is the latest project by frequent creative collaborators, Martin Reisch (*safesolvent) Lara Kaluza (Lalouka Designs), and Tessa Smith (Brave Radar). Shot on location in the Quebec countryside, this short film captures Lalouka’s handmade, vintage-inspired clothing through a soft, sun-soaked lens, and features an airy and delicately haunting musical score by Brave Radar.
The premise:
After spending the winter holed up in their cottage, two girls emerge to find their sleepy country town a little sleepier than usual.
Where is everyone? And why is everything suddenly so small?
Follow them as they explore this quaint village, strolling down gravel roads, past charming arched wooden bridges and miniature clapboard barns.
It’s fun being a giant when the birds are singing and there are fresh strawberries to pick and carousels to watch.
But what will they do when autumn comes and they have to go back inside?
— –
A Miniature Frolic is competing in the Talenthouse video competition for A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival, hosted by Diane Pernet and Tavi Gevinson.
Vote for A Miniature Frolic: www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/preview/safesolvent/115 — – About A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival:
International fashion icon Diane Pernet presents A Shaded View on Fashion Film 2010, the third edition of Paris’s annual film festival dedicated to Fashion, Style and Beauty with special guest judge superstar fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson.
They have created a once in a life time opportunity for all die hard fashionistas and emerging fashion filmmakers to submit their best fashion film feature or short around the theme of Fashion, Style or Beauty and be featured in this prestigious fashion film festival. The selected filmmaker will have his/her film screened as part of the next edition of ASVOFF opening in Paris.

(Photo credit: snap from Martin Reisch)


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