Doritos Super Bowl commercial finalsts shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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UPDATE 2/8/2010 – well it happened! The ad “Underdog” shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II was indeed one of the winners and was broadcast in the first quarter of the Super Bowl! Here's the winner! [ 550 333]

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II has indeed become well respected in the industry and the viewers sure can't tell something was shot on a DSLR! Our congratulations to the “Underdog” team!

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You're not going to believe this (OK, maybe you will LOL), but Doritos is running a contest. Ok, that's not the surprise, the surprise is that they will broadcast 3 commercials during the Super Bowl and all 3 will be submitted by plain folks like you and me. They've already narrowed the field down to 6 finalists and it turns out 2 of them were shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II! I urge you to watch these, pick your favorite and then go to the Doritos site to vote for one – let's get a Canon EOS 5D Mark II commercial on the Super Bowl!

Redrock Micro

Both of these videos are available on the site.

The first is about a Doritos loving dog – “Underdog” [ 550 333]

The second is called “Kids these days” [ 550 333]

I urge you to pick one of the two and vote for it every day – let's get a Canon EOS 5D Mark II commercial on the Super Bowl!

There are plenty of behind the scenes videos as well as interviews with the actors etc… so check out

We also heard from Reed Phillips from SmallHD (they are building a cool monitor for the 5D2) who sent us this:

“With DP1 and Canon 5D in hand, SmallHD worked with two local teams to produce two of the final six Doritos Super Bowl Ads. The three ads with the most votes will be shown on the Super Bowl with a chance to win more that $1M

We would really appreciate your support”

(Photo credit: snap from “Kids these days”)


  1. Lol,gotta get me an Antibark collar and a Pocket Tazer, wonder if they come as a combo gift pack?

  2. I do have a 5D Mk II and think it is pretty cool that one can shoot video in it that is “good enough” for USA’s biggest sports event.

    That said, both these spots are not very good. They are neither technically impressive, nor do I find them funny. I actually find them very disturbing. “Haha! An old man tasers a young one for no reason other than that he annoys me!”

    I’d rather see nipple than this crap. 🙂

    1. Author

      Everyone’s different I guess… I thought both of them were very funny and so did my family. Sorry you didn’t like them.

  3. Taste being subjective and all that, I thought there was an absolute dearth of worthwhile commercials during the stuporbowl this year. That said – “Underdog” was probably the only one I’d want to watch a second time. And “Kids these days” was actually pretty amusing. Outstanding they were show on the 5DmkII

  4. I have seen a lot of videos shot with teh 5Dmk2 and most of them are stunning quality. I have had a 5Dmk2 for a few months but have only used it for still photography. After watching these videos I thought I would try some video of my own to see what sort of results I could get. I have played around with it a bit but have not been having much joy. None of my videos have been in focus. I think I am doing everything right – but it seems to me that there is no auto focus (well not on my camera anyway!) I have seen on videos on this site where it changes the DOF from a subject in the front to a subject at the back. I have been using a Canon 50mm F1.8 but once I start shooting the focus wont change. Is this correct or is there something wrong with my camera? Cheers

    1. Author

      Nothing wrong with your camera Richard, but you’re right, the focus will not change in video mode. There is no autofocus on the 5D2 in video. You have to do it manually or with a follow focus rig.

      1. thanks. The video part of the 5D manual is a bit sketcy I find. I will stick the lens on manual and give it a go! 🙂

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