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January 16, 2010 – St. Louis Missouri – planet5D announces “planet5D Cinema” – a new section added to the “best Canon hybrid site on the planet”. planet5D Cinema will showcase the best of the best (and sometimes the best of the just very good) movies made with Canon hybrid cameras (HDSLRs). “ is already packed with the best news, training, wiki and forums for the Canon hybrids and it is exciting to add additional features that will help make planet5D the best one stop site for HDSLR information on the planet” said planetMitch (owner and all around crazy guy).

Redrock Micro

planetMitch told reporters “This is an exciting day and we're pleased as punch to be adding the Cinema section to our site. We've worked hard to find what we think are the best movies in the biz to put in the Cinema and we'll be adding a bunch more in the next few weeks.” He went on to add: “Sure, there are other sites where you can see lots and lots of HDSLR videos, but you have to weed thru the “test” shots and the “just OK” videos to find the really good ones and we're going to do that work for you.”

planet5D Cinema is also set up to allow viewers to add their own ratings. planetMitch said “We picked a 10 star rating system because it offered more flexibility for voting and showing off results. With the typical 3 or 5 stars, it isn't as easy to decide just how you would rate a movie, you always sort of want to give it 4 1/2 out of 5 – so we went with 10 stars.”

planet5D Cinema is designed in WordPress using the “WooTube” theme from – “it fit right in with what we were hoping to do” said planetMitch. “It shows the videos beautifully and allows the viewers to rate and filter on a wide variety of categories” planetMitch added.

“We also looked into partnering with other sites, but in reality, I'm a control freak and I'm not sure anyone else would do it to my liking LOL!”

planet5D also plans to add some additional features in the next month or so.

About planet5D:

planet5D was formed in November 2008 not long after the Canon EOS 5D Mark II was announced. It quickly became the number 1 location on the web for news, video, alerts, and a wiki for the 5D2. In 2009, planet5D had over 1,450,000 page views and 700,000 visits. Alexa ranks in the top 100,000 worldwide and in the top 35,000 in the USA. has continued to grow adding a blog and forums and now the cinema.

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