Preview of the Canon EOS-1D MKIV from Europe

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Rob Galbraith found a post by Jens Dresling, a staff photographer at Politiken in Copenhagen about his testing of the Canon EOS-1D MKIV. The post includes sample photos from a couple of news stories he was working on as a reporter would. The article is in Danish, but here is an English translation. [Original source: 1001noisycameras]

Redrock Micro

A snippet from the article:
“ISO. You can theoretically run up to 102,400 iso. Do not do it. I believe ISO 12800 is acceptable for newspaper and network ready. Up to 8000 ISO, I think everything is good, the noise is ok and color reproduction is fine. ISO 3200 is fantastic, I think. I wish Canon had saved a little on file size and do something about the high iso. But all in all it is ok.”

Some of you would be pleased to know there aren't any videos in the article (yes, there still are some people using cameras just for photography LOL!).

Please read the whole thing here.

(Photo credit: snap from the article)

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