planet5D Holiday Charity Drive Dec 1-15

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UPDATE 12/16 Final tally $823!!! THANK YOU!

Please let your friends/family know – they can buy thru Amazon too and we'll donate it – we hope as many people as possible buy their gifts for others thru us – it doesn't cost you anything extra! Just pass them a link to Amazon ( or send them to this blog post. THANKS!

I announced this on twitter yesterday (Dec 1) but thought I'd better post it on the blog for everyone so we can get maximum impact. I've been truly blessed with the success of planet5D this year and I want to give a bit to those who need help. It has always been something I've tried to do with my projects and this year is no different (tho with all of the crazy things going on in my personal life I've almost forgotten). In the past, I've donated sales of software or sales from my stock photos to local kids who don't get much for the holidays. I've even paid part of some heating bills to help those who are struggling. I don't tell you this to garnish any thanks – but to let you know this isn't something that I just came up with… it is something I also urge you to do! I can't tell you how good it feels to know that something I do as a “hobby” can not only help me buy things that I wouldn't be able to do, but that it can help many others with necessities.

Redrock Micro

This year, I'm not only going to give 100% of my stock photo income from the month of November, I'm going to give 100% of the income I get from affiliate sales thru planet5D from Dec 1 thru Dec 15th (I have to set a deadline so I can distribute the money in time). We started off with a blast yesterday with the posting of the review for the new 5DFilmSchool DVDs – within a few hours, we were already over $30 in this pot. And overnight, I checked and there's another $60 from other sources so we're already almost at $100!

So, if you purchase any of the following items (and they will make great Christmas or Chanukah gifts!) I'll be giving 100% of planet5D's cut to those in need this holiday!

So, when you're thinking about those gifts for your loved ones, please remember to come back here and click these links so you can also donate to families in need thru planet5D! It will warm your heart – and mine!

UPDATE – I decided that if you wanted to just donate something, I'd give you the opportunity… here's a paypal button to donate… and I assure you, 100% of anything you give will go to someone in need (tho you can do the same thing in your neighborhood if you want! AND I URGE YOU TO DO SO!)



(Photo credit: last year under our Christmas tree – by planetMitch)

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