Interesting Canon EOS 7D music videos!

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Yup, we're getting plenty of Canon EOS 7D music videos now… here are two I just found as I was trying to get ready for bed… just had to whip out a post. This first one is interesting due to the sheer coordination involved – it is all done in one long steadycam shot!

Redrock Micro

Note that there are some interesting comments from the guys who shot this as well as some behind the scenes stills on the video on vimeo

Canon 7D Music Video – Prospect Hill “Roller Coaster” from Enki Studios on Vimeo.

A video we just shot for the band Prospect Hill.

All in one long steadicam shot.

Canon 7d, 17-35mm f2.8.

Produced by David Kruta
Directed by Chris Bolarinho and Jeff Melanson
DP/Steadicam – Jeff Melanson
Production Designer – Carolyn King
Gaffer – Jordan Parrott
1st AC – Sarah Tricker
2nd AC – Regina Dellea
Best Boy Electric – Walter Stone
Grip – Fritz Ceriales
PA – Mike Mcguire
PA – Lucie Brabcova

(Photo credit: snap from the first video)


  1. That first video was the worst. A good example of all the people I never want to meet.

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