A taste of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II firmware coming up?

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UPDATE: Philip Bloom confirms this isn't the 5D2 but the menus of the Canon EOS-1D MKIV

“EDIT: I have just had confirmed that what you are seeing on the screen is from the 1dmkIV menu. Sorry to disappoint. We will have to wait a little longer!”

So, Tim Smith (in the video) discusses 24p and 60p, the video shows the Canon EOS-1D MKIV menus.

(original post:)

@tylerGinter tipped us today of this video which shows a little taste of the firmware Canon's working on for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. The video shows not only 24fps, but 720 at 60fps. Canon's announcement a while back said 24p but didn't mention the smaller size with 60fps.

Redrock Micro

Watch at about 5 minutes in where Tim starts talking about what is in the firmware. The beginning is discussion of the history of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and video.

The title of the video on youtube is:
Createasphere – Canon Intensive Workshop – Canon EOS HD Video: Shoot, Post and Deliver – Playback”


(I don't think the description really matches the video so I'm not including it here).

Thanks for the tip Tyler!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. I love the 60fps at 720p added as an afterthought! Seems like a pretty huge deal to me…

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  4. Curiously we posted these “news” at the 5dmark2 Blog 3 Days ago, and twitted it twice, but since it seemed nobody saw or realized about it then we posted a picture on Twitpic yesterday… then all the “roar” occurred (Re-tweets and 2,000 hits on the image)…

    Clearly an image can tell more than words… but the post included the video, not only words!! 🙂

    50/60p was never mentioned in the official announcement more than 1 month ago, so this is new, and coming from Tim Smith at a Canon Workshop we take it seriously.

    – Check the Post:


    – Check the Image:


    @tylerGinter and @PhilipBloom Re-Tweeted our message including the link to image and post, then it was widely Re-Re-Tweeted 🙂

    We expect this firmware to be released in January, although there is no certainty yet.

    1. Author

      My humble apologies then – I was not aware of your earlier post (and if you’d alerted me directly, I sure would have attributed you – there’s a contact page or you can email me at mitch at planet5D dotcom). I hope you’ve noticed that we try very hard to give credit for our sources right at the top of our stories – some blogs either post the source at the end (which isn’t my preference) or don’t give any credit at all. Tyler was the first to give us the info and we didn’t think it had been posted anywhere else.

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  10. Very cool. Still contemplating the 5d2 next year over the 7d… and I’d love to try playing around with stock footage, so this is definitely a good thing.

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  12. We all know the menu in the scrteenshot is not from the 5DMk2. This was merely use as a reference to the upcomming firmware updates for the 5DMk2 which will include 720p 60fps. All you need to do is listen to what was said.

  13. yes, its all very confusing, the end of that video at 5.00 gets really messy, tim smith is all over the place with frame rates and resolutions etc.. you can tell he’s a really hyper guy, very over excited… he’s like our steve jobs of the camera world!!! heheh

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  15. i just called canon.

    i just called canon.

    as people have been saying, the reps are really helpful, this is what i got from the rep in bullet form…

    * a whitepaper update will probably be announced in the next few weeks

    * the firmware update will probably be in the first QUARTER of 2010

    * rep: “i dont know if it will have the 60fps feature”

    (i then pushed him further to elaborate on this)

    * “my guess is that it probably will have all the video features of the 7d”

    so its seems its looking good for the 60fps feature in the next firmware update dues in the first quarter of next year. i was a little worried when he said “i dont know if it will have the 60fps feature” but when i asked again, he did change his tone sounding more positive about this feature

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