Canon EOS 7D Vs EOS 5D Mark II Side-By-Side ISO Comparison

by planetmitch6 Comments has added to their Canon EOS 7D information by posting a Canon EOS 7D Vs EOS 5D Mark II Side-By-Side ISO Comparison

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It seems to me that their photos show quite a bit of difference in the noise levels once you go above 1600. They say “In the side-by-side image examples below I have compared the Canon EOS 7D images side-by-side with Canon EOS 5D Mark II images inside Lightroom. While the differences aren't HUGE, the 5D Mark II's full-size sensor definitely made a difference at ISO 3200 and beyond. Of course that means both cameras were fairly well matched up through ISO 1600, not an easy feat for an 18MP cropped-sensor camera.”

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  2. Wow, the Canon 5D mkII is clearly superior.

    I remember seeing other test shots from the 7D and the results were better than what I saw here. The 7D looks horrible at 1600 and +

  3. It would have been a better comparison if the subject matter was exactly the same and lit better and the images are inferior quality to begin with.

  4. Not sure this is a fair comparison, at this time, since Lightroom is using a beta 7D RAW converter. It’s likely that a non-beta converter will produce a better final image.

  5. Gary Karcz… is not a fair comparison…because 7D is not even in the same league as the 5D mark II…I don’t know why people are comparing them…5d mark II is totally in a different league…’s like 7D is in the highschool football and 5D is in the NFL…sure 7D is faster and younger just like a highschool but when it comes to QUALITY and EXPERIENCE then 5D mark II is there. 7D should only be compared to APS-C sensors….24FPS video…NYEE! it’s just a firmware update away…btw I own BOTH…5D mark II as my main camera…and 7D as my back-up camera…and when it comes to quality 7D is nothing compared to 5D mark II…hey why am I even comparing….but I can defenitely say that my 7D is better than my 50D….now that’s a fair comparison…for they are in the same league.

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